Guangzhou Pacific Computer City

Guangzhou Pacific Computer City

Guangzhou Pacific Computer City (Tai Ping Yang Computer City in Chinese), located in the Pearl River Delta of southern China, is an important distribution center for computer products. Together with Chinese and foreign brands of various computer products and accessories, more than 700 marketers of computers are gathered here. Known as “China’s largest PC market,” it provides the full range of computer products to attract visitors from throughout China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, as well as customers from other areas.
The computer plaza includes three huge floors and a basement full of every kind of modern electronic goods you may need, especially computers and computer accessories. The facility is modern and well staffed. The first, second, and third levels are the retail stores, and the fourth floor is the computer company’s office. Frequent demonstrations of new products conducted near the store’s two entrance gates attract large audiences.
The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) capabilities, high-quality digital goods, wide variety of notebooks, and other kinds of IT products with excellent quality and reasonable prices make the Gungzhou Pacific Computer City the consumer’s first choice for an IT shopping paradise.

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Open Hours: 8:00—17:00
Address: NO.560 Tianhe Rd.Guangzhou
广州市 天河区 天河路560号
Tel: (020) 87593336
Take Bus No. 136, 138, 177, 185, 230, 263, 298, 302, 43, 45, 515, 547, 551, 78, 810, 89 and get off at Tianhe lu kou Stop; or
Take Bus No. 138, 177, 178, 18, 194, 197, 210, 214, 22, 224, 234, 235, 240, 242, 248, 269, 272, 289, 296, 298, 33, 50, 515, 547, 549, 561, 657 and get off at Gangding Stop or Metro Line 3 and get off at Shipaiqiao or Gangding station.

Other computer shops in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Computer City (East Area) | 广州电脑城(东城)
102 Tian He Dong Road Guangzhou
广州市 天河区 天河东路102号
(020) 87509932
Guangzhou Computer City (West Area) | 广州电脑城(西城)
Guangdong Foreign Trade Building, 351 Tian He Road Guangzhou
广州市 天河区 天河路351号广东省外经贸大厦
(020) 38809073
Zhong Liu Computer City | 中六电脑城(大型)
190 Zhong Shan No.6 Road Guangzhou
广州市 越秀区 中山六路190号
(020) 81082235


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