Markets of Flowers and Pets in Fangcun

Fangcun flowers market

Guangzhou is nicknamed as ‘City of Flowers,’ thanks to its warm and humid subtropical climate, which is good for plants, and local flourishing tradition of cultivating domestic plants for pleasure.
Many markets also offer pets, fishes, and accessories.
Fangcun Area of Liwan District
Fangcun was named “Flower Place” and “Thousand Year Flower Home”, which has a flower growing history of 1700 years and is the cradle of Lingnan bonsai. Numerous scholars and poets have left a great number of poems to praise Fangcun. Kang Youwei wrote “The flowers are still in bloom in thousand year flower home, the former Liu Lang may return now” in Visit to Flower Place.
Flowers, potted plants and landscaping trees from Fangcun have been sold to places all over China and exported abroad to over 100 countries and regions, producing a turnover of millions of yuan.
Since 1998, Fangcun District has been building on the area’s geological, transport and sales advantages by investing in Guangzhou Flower Exposition Park. The site is being developed as China’s “Flora Valley” and also a center for research and development as well as production, sales and tourism.
How go to there
Metro Line 1 at Fungcun Station.
Lingnan Flower Market
Located in Wuyanqiao Village, the market is regarded as the largest of its kind in China. It displays a wide variety of flowers and attracts buyers from home and abroad.
Lingnan Market is equipped with public international telephones and large parking lot. It is surrounded by banks, hotels, supermarkets, and bus stations. It is 25 minutes drive from Baiyun Airport.
Total market area measures 40,900 square meters. The flower center covers 22,000 square meters with 19,000 stalls and 8 specialized zones.
Business scope: flowers, potted flowers, artificial flowers
Address: 28, Fangcun Dadao West, Liwan District
Yuehe Flower and Bird Market
Yuehe Flower and Bird Market provides a good business environment. It is one of largest wholesale and retail markets of its kind nation-wide. Parking is available and the lots have no traffic restrictions on vehicles from outside Guangzhou. Occupying an area of 100,000 square metres, this market is hard to miss.
Yuehe Flower and Bird Market can be easily accessed by metro through exit D of Huadi metro station.
Business scope: birds and pets, saltwater freshwater fish, fish equipment, flower and bonsai, rare stones, root carving, handiwork
Address: Huadi Wan, Huadi Dadao, Fangcun District (Exit C/D of Huadi Wan metro station), Liwan District
Huadi Flower Bird Fish and Insect Market
Huadi is market for all kinds of flowers, birds, fishes and insects. This is a going:” Fish is wandering leisurely in water. If you want to play fishes, you should come to Fangcun (Huadi). Flowers are blossoming in a variety of colour. If you want to view and admire flowers, please go to Fangcun (Huadi). Birds are singing euphemistically. If you want to listen to the birds singing, please go to Fangcun (Huadi).” Fangcun Huadi is now the biggest market for viewing and admiring fishes and is also the biggest market for wholesale and retail articles of aquatic animals in Huanan Area.
Address : It was situated at the underground of Huadi Avenue North (Chinese: 花地大道北; pinyin: Huadi Dadao Bei) in Fangcun, Liwan District. It is near Huadi Bird Fish & Insect Market
How to go there
Metro: line 1 at Huadi Wang Station
Yihe Fish, Bird and Stonework Market
Yihe Market is one of the biggest wholesale and retail markets for fish, bird and stone products in China. It can also be a leisure travel destination for various age-groups.
Business scope: birds and pets, saltwater and freshwater fish, fish equipment, flower and bonsai, rare stones, root carving, handicrafts
Address: Huadi Wan, Fangcun District, Liwan District

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