Shopping in Guangzhou

Qingping Market

The Qingping Free Market is located on Qingping Road, in the north of Shamian Island., Guangzhou. Qingping Market came into existence in 1979. It is the largest one among several hundred free markets on Qingping Road and it is also the most famous free market. Cantonese are known to eat just about any animal, and the market is world famous …

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Guangzhou Shopping

Lying next to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou is aware of commercial developments. The biannual Canton Fair complements the commercial atmosphere. For tourists, Guangzhou is really a Shoppers ‘Paradise’. If a friend comes from afar, Guangzhou, Cantonese will show him around the Shangxia Jiu Lu and Teem Plaza area. Just like the Wangfujing in Beijing, the City God Temple (Cheng …

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Guangzhou OneLink Plaza

Guangzhou OneLink Plaza position in largest city of Guangzhou in southern China, is a professional wholesale toys, gifts, beauty tools for large commercial space capabilities, there are thousands of shops and at least ten billion in trade every year.Onelink here has 41 land, environmental goods developed device. At first glance, looks like a regular mall, but is actually a wholesale market. …

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TeeMall–Tianhe city Mall

TeeMall (chinese: Tianhe Cheng,Tianhe city Mall) situated in the center of  Tianhe District, this is a large-sized modern shopping center offering comprehensive store and restaurant choices for shopaholics. Tee Mall is a multifunctional, comprehensive shopping center where department stores, five-star cinemas, restaurants and galleries are all gathered together. Diversified commodities, including furniture and household appliances, delicacies and computer games and …

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Bargaining in Guangzhou

You can bargain for most anything in China. From shoes and bananas to hotel room prices but usually not in large stores or restaurants (unless they offer you a discount, then you know to bargain). If you do bargain, start at about 50% of the original price, and you’ll be shocked at how many times you”ll get it for that. …

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Guangzhou Friendship Store

Guangzhou Friendship Store located in Guangzhou Huanshi Dong Lu which is the most upscale shopping and the core of the business district — Central Business District of Huanshi Dong Lu , It is a symbol of high quality and the modern fashion in Guangzhou, adjacent to Garden Hotel, Asia International Hotel, Baiyun Hotel, the World Trade Center and the La …

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