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Guangzhou Festival Walk

Tinho Town is the new name for the cluster of shopping centers in Tianhe District, the former name call Tianhe Road Shopping District. In an effort to improve the District’s marketing strategy, an online vote was held to decide which English name would be best for Guangzhou’s biggest and busiest shopping area. The shopping district may use a single marketable English name like Singapore’s Orchard Road in its promotional material

The Tianhe Road, or now Tinho Town, Shopping District is a business association which promotes businesses in the area and organises events at the large malls dotted along Tianhe road from Teemall in the west, to Gangding Computer Market in the east. There are four main shopping centers there – Teemall, Grand View Mall, Onelink Walk and Taikoo Hui.

The shops are gathered around Tiyu Xilu Metro Station. The shops selling goods of different price are located both along the streets and in the underground passages. People of different income, high or low, will find much on offer when going shopping here. Millionaires can be seen walking gracefully between the flagship stores of shining luxury brands; while ordinary housewives can be seen swarming in the supermarkets to snap up their favorite discounted items.

TeeMall–Tianhe city Mall

Tee Mall is a multifunctional, comprehensive shopping center where department stores, five-star cinemas, restaurants and galleries are all gathered together. Diversified commodities, including furniture and household appliances, delicacies and computer games and others are available. All prices here are set prices and you cannot bargain .In fact, Tee Mall has become an indispensable part of the Cantonese shoppers’ life.
How to go there?
Metro: Taking metro Line 1 or Line 3, get off at Tixilu Metro Station, Exit D
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Grandview Mall (chinese :zhengjia square) is a new mall built near TEE Mall, located in the heart of Tianhe district. Re-freshing you with pleasant shopping journey in a stylistic environment, Grandview Mall could be your paradise of modern Asia! We’ve got super-sized cinema for 3D movies, indoor ice-skating rink, various recreational facilities and all these lovely background music. We guarantee you joy, relaxation and fun! Just come and experience the details of the world’s top-notch commercial civilization!
How to go there?
Metro: Line 1, get off at Tiyuxilu metro station, Exit B
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TaiKoo Hui

TaiKoo Hui is a large-scale multi-faceted complex in the thriving heart of the Tianhe Central Business District of Guangzhou, developed and managed by Swire Properties. Offering a gross floor area of approximately 358,000 sqm (exclusive of the cultural center), it incorporates a prime shopping mall, two Grade A office towers, a cultural center, the first five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Guangzhou, and serviced apartments.
How to go there?
Metro: Line 3, get off at Shipaiqian metro station , Exit Brt & Taikoo Hui
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OneLinkWalk is a shopping mall located at the junction between Tianhe Road and Tiyudong Road, east of Grandview Mall (Opposite of the Taikoo Hui Shopping Mall). With an area of over 23,000 square meters, it is a good place for shopping, food and other entertainment. OneLinkWalk has 5 stories, each targeting a different demographic. The basement sells products for young white collars; the first floor mainly high-end products; the second floor houses fashion brands; the third floor daily decoration and necessities. Restaurants are located on the top floor.
How to go there
Metro: Line 3, get off at Shipaiqiao Metro Station, Exit A
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Guangzhou Victory Plaza

Guangzhou Victory Plaza is a cultural theme park-style shopping, the merger of fashion and dynamic interpretation of international brands, fashion trends and superior human counterparts in this wonderful
The Victory Plaza Tower A is 52 floors and Victory Plaza Tower B is 36 floors. Construction of the Victory Plaza was completed in 2007.
How to go there?
Metro : Line 1 or Line 3 , get off at Tiyuxilu Metro Station , Exit D.
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Guangzhou Grandbuy

Guangzhou Grandbuy Co Ltd, which is engaged in the department store business.
Guangzhou Merchandising Building has 11 departments on its six floors, selling watches, women’s and men’s garments, shoes and leather goods, children’s wear, cosmetics, household appliances, and daily necessities.
How to go there?
Metro: Line 3 or Line 1 , get off at Tiyuxilu metro station , Exit A
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Guangzhou Book Centre is located on 123 Tianhe Lu. There is a wide range of English-language books, including English translations of Chinese classics as well as English classics aimed at Chinese students (some complete, many abridged). There is also a good selection of Chinese-language textbooks, as well as English-Chinese dictionaries.
How to go there?
Metro: Line 3, get off at Tiyuxilu metro station , Exit A
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Guangzhou Pacific Computer City (Tai Ping Yang Computer City in Chinese), located in the Pearl River Delta of southern China, is an important distribution center for computer products. Together with Chinese and foreign brands of various computer products and accessories, more than 700 marketers of computers are gathered here. Known as “China’s largest PC market,” it provides the full range of computer products to attract visitors from throughout China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, as well as customers from other areas.
How to go there
Metro: Line 3, get off at Gangding Metro Station , Exit C

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