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Whether looking for the latest in Western fashion, electronics or optical goods, or searching for the perfect Chinese gifts to take home, shoppers usually find what they are seeking in Guangzhou.

Jade Sculpture:Guangzhou Jade Sculpture came into being during the middle and later period of the Tang Dynasty. It has a long history of more than 1000 years. There are lots of jade markets in Guangzhou, like the Hunlin Jade market and the Liwan Plaza Jade Market.

Guangdong Embroidery:Guangdong Embroidery also named “Yue Embroidery”. Yue Embroidery is one the famous four Chinese embroideries.Yue Embroidery is a general designation of folk embroidery of Guangzhou . Yue embroidery has a manufacture history of about 2000 years.

Consumer Electronics & Computers: Guangzhou is consumer electronics heaven. Mobile phones, DVD players, audio and video equipment, computers, iPods, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players can be found at all the computer market like Guangzhou Pacific Computer City. Fierce competition keeps prices low.

Chinese Traditions: China’s ancient civilization produced many traditions and festivals, and arts and crafts to commemorate them. Look for traditional Chinese goods, clothing, tonic foods and dried seafood, tea, jewelry, handicrafts and tableware.

Furniture and Household: Chinese furniture is world renowned for its beauty and ingenious construction. Shoppers can also find major international brands of furniture and household products.

“Guangzhou Must Buy” Products
Guangzhou , the city where East meets west! Residents and visitors alike have chosen these five Guangzhou “Must Buy” products.

Handicrafts: Chinese and Asian artifacts, art, textiles, crafts and other souvenirs tempt visitors to take home not only gifts for others but mementos for themselves. Jade, ivory and other Chinese traditional goods remind the visitor of a lovely trip. You can easy to buy the handicrafts in Guangzhou ,special when you at the Onelink Plaza and the Haizhu Square.

Chinese clothing: Chinese clothing has always had a distinct style and fashion sense, from the sexy cheongsam dresses, mandarin style jackets and tops, to decorative silk robes and other fine fabric clothes. You can easy to find at the clothing some of the wholesale market in Guangzhou, like Baima clothing wholesale Market and Zhan Xi Garment Wholesale Market.

Chinese Tea: Chinese black tea is traditionally associated with China and Guangzhou as well as pu-erh tea, oolong tea and Dragon Well tea, among other famous types of this healthful drink.

Herbal Tea:Travel in Guangzhou; you can never forget to try its special drink–The Herbal Tea, which is more popular than Coca Cola, Like Wong Lo Kat. In the hot summer, a cup of tea will make you cool from inside and help maintain heath. Chinese herbal tea easy packing and transport home.

Chinese Tableware: Chinese dinner service tableware is world-famous for its beauty and durability. Porcelain and bone china products are from different cities of China.

Please remember to check with your consulate for the latest customs regulations in your country and be sure to get insurance cover for items shipped overseas.

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