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As one of the shopping paradise in the world, there are many shopping places offered to you in Guangzhou. Yide Road is notable for its dried seafood. Shangxijiu Commercial Street, Beijing Road and Shifu Road are renowned shopping districts boasting a myriad of different products, including clothes and electrical goods. These areas are immensely popular and are often crowded at weekends and holidays. Hualin Temple Jade Article Street features jade wares and padauk furniture and Wende Road is a popular local antique market .

Malls and shopping centers

 Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street (北京路步行街) (Metro 1, 2 ,Get off at Gongyuan Qian Exits C, D) Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street, This is the main shopping thoroughfare, a pedestrian street where most stores are open from 9AM-10PM. It has absolutely everything; cheap clothes, good food and even a little history. There is a display of the original road from the song dynasty (960 – 1279 A.D).

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (上下九商业步行街) (Metro 1 ,Get off at Changshou Lu Exits D1, D2.) This shopping area is also a showcase of traditional Cantonese architecture Qilou(骑楼). It is particularly pretty at night when lights are lit up. Prices here are generally lower than Beijing Road’s, but prepare to bargain. Remember to visit Liwan Plaza (荔湾广场), located at 9 Dexing Road (德星路9号), the east end of the street. You will find a good selection of crystal and the jade carving there.

Haizhu Square (海珠广场)
Haizhu Square has a huge wholesale/flea market that was built in 1952. It is the only riverside square in Guangzhou. You will find all kinds of goods on sale: toys, souvenirs, electronics, dried food, household items, clothes, lamps, artificial flowers and much more. Remember to bargain.

Onelink Plaza (万菱广场) 39 Jiefang South Road (解放南路39号) (Metro 2, Get off at Haizhu Square Exit B) At first glance, this looks like a regular shopping mall but it is actually a wholesale market. Each shop usually carries specific products with many selections of varieties. You will find products such as arts and crafts, jewelry, sporting goods, toys, key chains, collectibles and gifts of all types. Many store and boutique owners from all over the world come here to buy their products. You will get the best prices if you buy in bulk (usually 20 or more). Most shop owners will not bargain unless you buy in bulk. However, if you only buy small quantities, the prices are usually cheaper than elsewhere. Not to be confused with Onelink Centre in Tianhe.

Grandview Mall (Zhengjia Plaza) (正佳广场) 228 Tianhe Road, (天河路228号),(Metro 1, 3 ,Get off at Tianhe Sports Center Exit D3). +86 20 3833-0098. This is the largest mall in Guangzhou, located in the heart of Tianhe District. It includes famous fashion stores and several department stores, with beautiful musical fountains and fantastic views. Number of shoppers can reach half a million a day on holidays and festivals. This mall includes many Western food chains, such as Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. Other venues include ice skating rink, amusement park and a five-star cinema.

China Plaza (中华广场). 33 Zhongshan 3rd Road, (中山三路33号),(Metro 1, Get off at Martrs’ Park) Located on top of a metro station, China Plaza is well-received for the fashionable garments and accessories, home items and furniture the stores and outlets inside feature. Many of them are original and up-to-date while some are local designers’ signature works.

Tee Mall (天河城) 208 Tianhe Road (天河路208号)(Metro 1,Get off at Tiyu Xilu). Located right above the metro Tiyu Xilu station, this is one of the busiest and most popular shopping mall in the heart of the city.

Zhongtian Shopping Mall (中天购物城) (Metro 3,Get off at Linhexi Exit D) Located at CITIC Plaza near the East Train Station, this plaza is more than a place to shop and eat. The plaza has great one-stop service to meet your banking, dry cleaning, grooming and transportation ticket needs.

Friendship Store (广州友谊商店) 369 Huanshi East Road (环市东路369号). 9:45AM-9:45PM. It is one of the oldest department stores targeting foreigners in Guangzhou. You will also find its branches in Grandview Mall and Times Square on 28 Tianhe North Road (天河北路28号).
Wangfujing (王府井百货) 40 Longlin Down Road (农林下路40号). 9:30AM-9:30PM. This is a branch of the famous department store in Beijing, featuring mid to high-end products.

Street markets

Guangzhou wholesale marker directory. Find all kinds of professional wholesale markets in Guangzhou

Qingping Market (清平市场) Qingping Road (清平路),(Metro 1 Get off at Huangsha Station, Exit D) It is located North from Shamian Island. Cantonese are known to eat just about any animal, and the market is world famous for its wild animal trades, although it has been tamer since the SARS outbreak. It is still a great place to go for exotic goods. The modern front of the market has quite a few stalls selling dried herbs used in Chinese Medicine. The real charm here lies just behind the modern exterior. The modern exterior is built onto a series of old historical narrow alleyways with shops selling herbs.

Global International Shoes Trade Centre (国际鞋城步云天地) Address: 26 Zhan Xi Road 广州市站西路26号步云天地

Toy Street (玩具街) and Dried goods and snacks Street (干果海味食品专业街) Yide Road (一德路). (Metro 2, Get off at Haizhu Square)

Haiyin Shopping District (海印专业购物区) is located at the northwest side of the Haiyin Bridge (海印大桥), selling appliances, sporting goods, cloth, fabrics, camera accessories and electronics.

Xiguan Antique Street (西关古玩城) near Liwan Park (荔湾湖公园).

Flower Street (花卉水族街) Baohua Road (宝华路).

Jade Street (玉器工艺街/玉器街) Changshou Road (长寿路) and Wenchang Road (文昌路), near Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. (Metro 1 Get off at Changshou Lu)

Ivory and Sea products (象牙雕刻海味街) Daxin Road (大新路).

Wedding Dress Shopping Street 婚纱一条街
In Guangzhou there is a street specializing in selling wedding gowns, wedding shoes and related products. They are available for rent, retail and wholesale. It is the largest wedding dress market in Guangdong Province. The style, quality and price cover a wide range, from traditional Chinese to western wedding dresses.
Address: North of Jiangnan Avenue, near Zhujiang Bridge (Metro 2 The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace).

Household Merchandise Street (日用百货街) Gaodi Street(高第街). The street has become a shopping center selling everyday goods.

Cultural Street (古玩字画街 / 文化商业街) Wende Road(文德路),(Metro 1 Peasant Movement Institute). This is a good place to look for antiques and traditional Chinese artistic goods.

Nanfang Tea Market 南方茶叶总汇
Nanfang Tea Market is boasted as one of the most complete market in China for famous tea, tea sets and artwares themed tea. The market covers an area of about 20,000 square meters (215, 278 square ft), converging more than 300 shops.

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