Yide Lu (Road)

Guangzhou Yide lu

Yi De Lu lies in the city central area. Yi De Lu is a road with already a hundred years. Yi De Lu and areas around are places for you to find lots of dolls, toys, gifts, souvenirs and dried sea food. It is a traditional dried sea food road, and now this road adds other articles which are popular among children world. Yi De Lu is packed of whole sale stalls, shops and markets. (haizhu wholesale market)
There are at least 6 shopping complexes and some of them are 6 stories. Wholesale seems like more popular here. Wholesale dealing is more often here. Then, near to Yi De Lu, there is a Yai Kang Lu. Tai Kang Lu is famous for “Tai Kang Cheng” and Guangzhou OneLink Plaza the (paradise of girls” accessories). Behind this road, there is also a shoe market. Lots and lots of nice shoes are on sale. Malls there in Yi De Lu are air conditioned.
Diversified products attract not only domestic dealers from Yiwu of Zhejiang Province and Chongqing but also foreign agents from Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and Russia. Commercial agreements have gradually taken the place of cash or/and commercial transactions. In addition to wholesale activities adequate services in banking and transportation are available. You can satisfied your eye and purse for stationeries, dried sea food, decors, clocks, soft toys, key chains, purses, gifts, etc.

About Dried Marine Products Yide Lu, there dozens of wholesale markets are concentrated, has existed for over a century and is the largest retail area for dried seafood and shellfish in the country. Two thousand booths line the road, vending items like dried scallop, cuttlefish, abalone, fish maw, shark’s fin, and sea cucumber.
These dried marine products come from all over the world, from places as near as Shandong province to countries as remote as Argentina and Russia. Five percent of the goods are used locally, and 95% are sold to markets and restaurants in other parts of the country; annual turnover has reached four billion RMB.[Not a valid template]
As a staff member of the historic Guangzhou Restaurant explained, “Guangzhou is a place advocating exquisite catering culture which mixes with that from the adjacent Hong Kong and Macau. In the middle of 1990s, some local cooks went to the North China and popularized Cantonese food. From that time, the demand for dried marine materials increased. That is the reason why the Yide Lu has become the principle gatherer in the country.”[Not a valid template]
Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral was locate at the Yide lu,you can go there when you at the Yide Lu
Take Bus No. 1, 10, 128, 131B, 14, 183, 186, 194, 208, 219, 222, 236, 238, 253, 29, 4, 40, 519, 544, 57, 59, 61, 64,8, 82, 823, 86, 87 and get off at Haizhu Square (Haizhuguangchang) Stop; or
Metro Line 6 and get off at Yide Lu Metro Station.

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