Zhuangyuan Fang

Zhuangyuan Fang

Zhuangyuan Fang, a street located on Renminnan Lu, is where antiques and crafts of Lingnan style began to develop 700 years ago. By the end of the Qing Dynasty (about 1911), handicraft workshops became popular, enjoying good reputation at home and abroad. It is a Showcase of local youngsters’ shopping craze, featuring stationery, gifts, clothes, pets and fun items in the narrow and crowded alley close to Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.
The place to be if you are under 21,this is where the school kids go during lunchtime and normally you can’t move. This place is crowded and I mean crowded so watch the prices here because you are paying for popularity. School kids buy anything and kids these days don’t worry about the price so bargaining is a must but the shop-keepers don’t like it. Zhuangyuan-fang has a history. It was once a lane where people sold speciality goods like Cantonese Opera costumes and other stage costumes, and temple fair ornaments. At that time, the goods ranged from big things like a whole set of costumes to small items like pearl hairpins. All this has now been reduced to only a few stores selling this type of thing. But the world has changed. Zhuangyuan-fang has become a street for the in-neration, the avant garde, and the new, voguey younger generation of Guangzhou. The teenagers who shop here now don’t want to be left out of the race for being ‘in style’ and are forever chasing the ever-changing vogue.
Now you can buy anything and everything you don’t need as long as it is cute, fun, colorful, and great including things like Snoopy dogs, Hello Kitty cats, Pikachu dolls, Puzzle Bobble dragons, Paw Paw Bear key rings, necklaces, bracelets¡­and far too many more to name. The clothes are strange, but are exactly right for the bold taste of young people.
Zhuanyuan Fang is near the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, it is about 5 minutes from Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street to zhanyuan Fang
Business hours: 09:30-18:30
Address: Renmin-nan Rd., just south to Daxin Rd. intersection
How to go there?
Take Bus No. 4, 31, 38, 61, 86, 102, 103, 106, 110, 128, 134, 186, 209, 217, 556, 823 and get off at Daxinlukou Stop.

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