Chimelong Hotel

Chimelong Hotel
Chime Long Hotel Guangzhou is an exclusive five-star hotel located in China’s safari park area. Built around a safari theme, the hotel’s design and decoration utilizes open space and natural materials to create a relaxing environment with the ambience of the wild outdoors. Uniquely built with Hakka Hakka Walled Village style over thousands of acres of forest green land, surrounded by world class theme parks, and awarded with “The Best Theme Hotel in China”,

Chime Long Hotel is situated on three hundred and sixty hectares of beautifully landscaped grounds, and is surrounded by Chime Long Night Zoo and Xiang Jiang Safari Park. In addition, the hotel features captive White Tigers and Flamingos in its natural courtyards to bring you even closer to nature. Hotel is definitely the only place where you can enjoy wildlife scenary right from your own balcony!

Decorated with safari-style ornaments, this extraordinary lobby reflects the beauty of the local landscape with a touch of elegance.

Multi-function International Convention Centre
One thousand seated Lecture Theatre Meeting Room; Sixteen multi-function conference rooms for meetings of different purpose. Our convention centre is equipped with international meeting facilities and the latest translating system.

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  1. Dear All,

    Please advise how to reserve Chimelong safari, international circus entrance tickets?
    Any combination of tickets?

    If we are the chimelong hotel guests, any special discount for the Chimelong safari, international circus entrance tickets?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • hello Janice,
      Chimelong Safari Park + Chimelong International Circus ticket is 477 Yuan one person , if you only buy safari park ticket is 250 Yuan for adult, 175 for Children . and the Chimelong International Circus ticket is 280 Yuan for one person .
      if you are a guest of Chimelong Hotel , they said they ahve 2 discount tickets in one room ,10% off.

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