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China Mobile’s most popular plan is simplicity at its best. We’ve made it easy to own and super easy to use. This is why tens of millions of our subscribers have chosen our Easyown plan.

Here’s how to get started
Come to an authorized China Mobile Service Centre, pop an Easyown SIM card into your mobile phone, dial 13800138000 to activate, hang up and you’re ready to talk or text.
You can buy an authentic China Mobile SIM card at any authorized newsstand or corner store, but China Mobile Service Centers usually sell them for much less; about 20 RMB (3 USD). Don’t forget to bring your passport when you come to our Service Centre to register.
So now you’re set.
China Mobile charges no monthly fees and no bills will be sent. Our automated service will let you know when you need to buy more airtime minutes, which is also as easy as one, two, three.
Simply buy an Easyown phone card at any authorized dealer – such as a China Mobile Service Centre, newsstand or variety store – dial our all-important, automated hotline 10086, key in the authorization code on the card and within seconds you’ll receive a text telling you how much credit you have. You can check your balance anytime by dialling10086 and following the English prompts.
Low cost – High quality
China Mobile is one of the world’s least expensive mobile phone service providers.
Before we begin to mention our fees here’s an important disclaimer. The costs shown here are samples only. Each China Mobile branch sets its own Easyown fees and plans and the fees and services vary from region to region. Please check with your local China Mobile’s Service Centre or call our bilingual operators at 10086. Our operators can fully explain and initiate the plan that best suits your needs and phoning habits. The plan you join will come into effect on the first day of the following month.
So, generally, if you were to buy a 100 RMB (about 14 USD) Easyown charge card, you could talk to someone for about 150 minutes or two and a half hours. The card is valid for up to six months as long as you don’t run out of airtime minutes.
That makes the basic rate for outgoing and incoming local calls about 0.6 RMB (8 US cents) per minute. Local calls are defined as those made to or from another phone within your local area.
A text message sent to another China Mobile subscriber is basically charged at 0.10 RMB (about 1.5 US cents). A text message sent overseas will cost about 2 RMB or just over 25 US cents.
For big savings subscribe to a service
China Mobile’s world-leading automated technology allows you to participate in our savings plans even as a pay-as-you-go subscriber. Of course we’ve also made this easy for Easyown subscribers.
For a low, flat fee you can receive all incoming local calls for no additional charge. Plus we will reduce the cost of calls you dial. This is such a good value that it’s worth emphasizing: talk for as long as and as often as you like to anyone who calls you from your local calling area for no additional charge.
Not only does this comprehensive discount plan give you unlimited local incoming calls (now we’ve said it three times), it also reduces the cost of outgoing calls.
Initiating the service is as easy as sending a text or calling our bilingual operator. Both ways involve that magic hotline again. Dial 10086 to reach an English speaking operator in your area who will tell you how to participate in our discount plans. Often it’ a simple matter of sending a text message to the same number with a specific code as the message. 

Low cost long distance rates
For Easyown subscribers there’s an easy way to substantially reduce the cost of long distance calls. Simply add the prefix 12593 before you dial the complete number with area code.
Adding this five-digit prefix also applies to international long distance. Dial 12593 before the complete international number and your long distance fee can drop to as low as 1.2 RMB per minute in total (including the normal outgoing call charge). Without the prefix, international long-distance can cost 8 RMB per minute plus the local outgoing call fee. The international toll is charged at six-second intervals.
Easyown subscribers do not need to apply to access this service nor do they have to leave a security deposit.
This brief introduction to Easyown is designed to give you an overview of our most popular brand. There’s a lot more information on our Chinese website or at any one of our thousands of service centres.
Try your phone from overseas
Many visitors to China can use their phones from home to get connected to China Mobile’s network by simply switching to a China Mobile SIM card. There are several important things to know about using phones you bring from aboard: if your phone is ‘locked’ by your phone company at home, it will not work with a China Mobile SIM card. You must also have a GSM compatible phone, not a CDMA phone. You mobile phone must operate on the 900 and 1800 bands, as do most phones in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. Some North American phones are ‘quad-band’ phones so they may be able to access the 900/1800 bands. There may be other technical requirements your phone will need to meet and we will be happy to test it for you. Bring your phone to any China Mobile service centre and we’ll pop in a China Mobile SIM card and see if we can get you connected with a local number. If your phone from home doesn’t work, our service centres sell a wide variety of mobile phones at reasonable prices.
Disclaimer, it’s short and important:
Finally, we want to once again remind you of our very important disclaimer. The fees mentioned here are all subject to change and are provided here for reference only. The programs, plans and fees vary depending on which China Mobile branch provides your service. For more complete information please contact 10086. Call this national, bilingual hotline you will be connected directly to an operator in your branch.
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