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CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD is one of the largest and well-recognized comprehensive travel brands & enterprises in China. Our core business is ranging from inbound tour, outbound tour to internal tour, and our company has been consecutively awarded as the top 10 out of one hundred outstanding travel agencies for years by the National Tourism Administration in China.
Address of CITS in Guangzhou

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD(Dong Shan Branch)(广东国旅东山店)
Business Listing
Unit 4, No.50-1, Dongshan Street, Guangdong , 广州越秀区东山大街50号之一第四与铺
510080 Yuexiu District

CITS Building, #618 Jiefang Bei Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 广州市解放北路618号广东国旅大厦
Yuexiu District 510030
Tel: 020-22013400
Fax: 020-22013578

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (WuYangXinCheng Branch)(广东国旅五羊新城店)
#04,1/F,No.227,HuaJing Mension,Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou, Guangdong , 广州大道中227号华景大厦首层04号铺
Yuexiu District 510600
Tel: 020-87357741
Tel: 020-87357742
Fax: 020-87357745

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (Zhong Shan San Branch)(广东国旅中山三店)
No.10,1/F, Zhong Shan San Rd, Guangzhou, Guangdong , 广州市中山三路10号首层自编之五铺(地铁烈士陵园D出口)
Yuexiu District 510055
Tel: 020-83842989
Tel: 020-83843225
Fax: 020-83843976

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (DongHuXi Branch)(广东国旅东湖西店)
No.2,DongHuXi Rd., Guangzhou, Guangdong , 越秀区东湖西路2号(金湖大厦大堂)
Yuexiu District 510100
Tel: 020-83781799
Tel: 020-83781823

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (OuZhuang Branch)(广东国旅区庄店)
Guangdong , Guangzhou, #3,1/F,No.421,HuanShiDong Rd., 广州市环市东路421号首层之三铺
Yuexiu District 510095
Tel: 020-37636407
Tel: 020-37636361

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (Shui Yin Road Branch)(广东国旅水荫路店)
No.2, Huan Shi Dong,Shui Yin Rd, Guangzhou, Guangdong , 广州市越秀区环市东水荫路2号(华信大厦东座大堂)
Yuexiu District 510085
Tel: 020-37604538
Tel: 020-37600943

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD(Tao Jin Bei Road Branch)(广东国旅淘金北路店)
Guangdong , Guangzhou, Tao Jin Bei Rd, No.71-73, Heng Hua Ge, 淘金北路71-73号恒华阁
Yuexiu District 510095
Tel: 020-83570007
Tel: 020-83600801

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (Ji Xiang Branch)(广东国旅吉祥店)
No.48-54, Zhong Shan Wu Rd, Guangzhou, Guangdong , 广州市越秀区中山五路与吉祥路口东北角48-54号(中山五路转入吉祥路)
Yuexiu District 510030
Tel: 020-83332217

CITS GUANGDONG CO.,LTD (TaoJin Branch)(广东国旅淘金店)
No.163,TaoJin Rd., Guangzhou, Guangdong , 广州市越秀区淘金路163号(淘金商务大堂)
Yuexiu District 510095
Tel: 020-83570418
Tel: 020-83575438

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    Am Joseph from Kenya. I want to travel to China Guangzhou or any other province maybe shenzen to buy and find out what I can get to sell in Kenya. Kindly help me out if you can organize travel, hotel and a tour guide. English speaking guide to companies and markets that sell items such as electronics, clothing, aluminum accessories such as glass, aluminum profiles, rollers etc.

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