Conghua Hot Spring

conghua spring

Conghua Hot Spring is located in the northwest of Conghua County and is situated at a distance of seventy-five kilometers from Guangzhou. The nearby areas of the Conghua Hot Spring is fantastic and only two kilometers away from the Conghua Hot Spring in Guangzhou are three waterfalls: Fragrant Power Fall (Xiangfenpu), Rainbow fall (Feihongpu), and Baizhanggeitao (meaning “cascade poring down from hundreds of meters above”) Fall.
Conghua Spring Scenic Spot, covering an overall area of more than 20 square kilometers, consists of two parts of the east riverbank and the west riverbank that connect with each other by a magnificent Bibo Bridge crossing over the Liuxi River. It is a spring health resort area that lies at the east bank of the river while it is tourist hotels and villas that cluster at the west bank of the river. The Liuxi River wanders through the mountains and forests surrounded like a belt. Travelers not only can fully appreciate the natural wonders with the dense bamboo woods and plums, pines, cypresses, magnolias maintaining green all year through everywhere in the park, but also can enjoy the quietness and beauty from the elegant ambience turned out by the uneven layout of the tower, pavilion and cloister and their reflection in the stream.       [nggallery id=8]

The Conghua Hot Spring Scenic Area was originally established in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and it is considered as a popular national tourist attraction and health resort. The Conghua Hot Spring is segmented into east district and the west district offering hotels and other residential accommodations for the visitors. The refreshing warm water in the Conghua Hot Spring froths to the surface at 12 different springs and the clear water are enriched with more than 10 kinds of rich minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium and it enjoys an average temperature of 60 degrees centigrade.
Temperatures here bottom out at mild during the winter but can get scorching hot, as with the rest of Guangdong province, though the mountainous terrain does manage to filter out some of the oppressive humidity. The hotsprings are open year round, but it might be best to avoid them during national holidays such as Golden Week (around Oct 1 to Oct 7) and Chinese New Year (last week January to first week February).

How to get there:
ravelers can take the long-distance buses to the city of Conghua at Guangzhou Passenger Transportation Bus Station, or Liuhua Bus Station, or Dongshan Lake Park crossing and get off at the Jiekou Town bus stop and then transfer to direct buses to the Wenquan Town.
You can join the group tour at Guangzhou travel agency ,maybe it would be convenient for you to go to the conghua hot spring.

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