Guangdong Folk Art Museum

Chen Clan Academy

Chen Clan Academy (Guangdong Folk Art Museum)is located in Zhong Shan Qi (seven) Road, also named Chen Clan learning Academy. It was built in 16 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu(1890), and completed in 20 years Guangxu (1894) . Chen Clan Academy sitting in north to south, the overall layout is based on the center axis as the main building. The two sides of the axis is hall. And the enclosing of the two sides is lean rooms, porch veranda. Each monocase is based on Qingyun lane separation, and the buildings are connecting with long corridor, which mutually interludes based on the six courtyards and eight corridors and deep three-enter.

There is wide courtyard, and east courtyard and backyard before the ancestral temple, and there are east courtyard and backyard, occupying area 150 thousand square meters. The main architecture in the axle wire has front door, assemble room and back room. The face width of front door five rooms is 27,56 meters, the deep enter three rooms is 14.91 meters. There are 17 frames used for four columns, spar frame, camel apex, bucket arch, sparrow decorated bracket all embossed with flowers, melons and fruits, characters and line decoration. The front door hanging the horizontal plague of “Chen Family Learning Academy” There are barnacle mat table in the two sides; and the diameter of a pair of stone drum 1.4 meters and connecting seat height is 2.25 meters built in the front door, the colored drawing achelous on the two gates. Four fan double sided piercing folding screens set in the gates. The space girder between the front doors is 10.09 meters; the height of spar frame is 9.69 meters, forming two of the high and low roofing, With hard mountaintop banking fire wall, roofing laying green roofing tile, positive girder molding flower and bird, characters plaster decoration line decoration, laying bricks pottery character tile , drooping ridge molding longevity fruit, bat lion and etc. The face width of two sides east and west is 14.05 meters, deep-three rooms 11.9 meters. The architectural scope the decoration of it is slightly lowerquality than the front door.

Except the axle wire main body architecture ., the woodcarving , stone carving , brick carve, pottery , plaster decoration , iron casting and other different style craftwork widely used in the architecture are used for decoration of the balls , corridor verandas, studio rooms, wind-rooms . Plum flower, orchid, chrysanthemum, flowers-bird painting, Lingnan good fruit, history literary quotation, drama characters and other theme are used for the decoration contents for the girder frames , bucket arch, bumps, wall , courtyard head, and steps.
Building itself: Gate-Spirits, Constructional wood carvings, halls and rooms, courtyards, brick and tile carving and glazing,
Art shows: Clay sculptures of Xiguan Folklore for Century by Wan Zhaoquan, carvings of jade, bone, miniature and nuts
Open hours: 8:30-17:30(daily)
Admission Fee: ¥10 (adult), ¥5 (students, pupils and children)
Add: Chen Jia Ci, Zhong Shan Qi Rd, Liwan District, (West to the crossroads of Zhongshan-7 Rd. and Kangwang Rd.)
Tel: 8181 4371,8181 7371, 8181 4559

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