Guangxiao Temple

Guangxiao Temple

Guangxiao Temple Situated at the north end of Guangxiao Road which is Guangzhou’s oldest site. The temple was initially built by an Indian monk during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317- 420) but the present temple, occupying an area of 31,000 square meters, dates from the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911).it is a popular pilgrimage site for Zen Buddhists. Numerous famous and renowned Buddhists have visited the Temple in the past including the Indian founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma.
The architecture of the temple and cultural relics provide insight into the history of Chinese Buddhism, culture, and architecture as well as the local history of Guangdong Province. The temple grounds also hold the oldest Iron Pagodas in China, dating from 963 (West) and 967 (East). The four upper floors of the West Tower failed to survive the collapse of the house. The East Tower, which remains intact, is seven stories tall. About 1,000 shrines, each housing a small, exquisite statue of Buddha, are carved into the exterior of the tower. It is said that at the time of its completion, the exterior of the tower was gilded.[Not a valid template]
Features of Guangxiao Temple in Guangzhou:
 The temple encloses the Mahavira hall, Sleeping Buddha Statue, Bodhi trees, Jialian Palace, Sakyamuni Hall, Samgharama Hall, the King of Heaven Hall and East and West Iron Pagodas. The West iron Pagoda was built in 963 and is believed to be the oldest iron pagoda in the country. The East Iron Pagoda built in 967 is seven storied and 7.69 meters high.
Huineng, one of the six founders of Buddhism in China, had his hair shaven in this temple. Later monks of the temple built the pagoda to inhume his hair. The Pagoda is a seven storied structure built with sand, stone and brick measuring upto 7.8 meters height.
The complex preserves historic remains of ancient structures and famous characters.
Admission Fee: CNY 5
Opening  Hours: 06:00 to 17:30
Bus Route: 4,31,38,103, 181, 186, 202, 239, 251… (get off at Renmin Beillu Stop)

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