Guangzhou Art Museum

Guangzhou art museum

Guangzhou art museum located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, alongside Lu Hu Lake, Guangzhou Museum of Art is the grandfather of artistic collections in Guangzhou, established 40 years ago. It has specific halls for the works of southern Chinese master artists such as Guan Shaoyue, Zhao Shao’ang and Li Xiongcai as well as classical painters from outside Guangdong such as Lai Shaoqi and Liao Binxiong.
Guangzhou Art Museum is a large-scale comprehensive art museum in South China and a cultural and artistic palace of ancient and modern treasures. The exhibitions of Guangzhou Art Museum are mainly based on the calligraphies and paintings of successive dynasties in China, featuring collections in Lingnan area, also covers other types of art work. Guangzhou Art Museum own more than 24,000 collections, many are national heritages. The most precious collections of museum are Ink Bamboos painted by Wen Tong in Song dynasty (one of the three precious pieces left in the world: the other two are now in Beijing and Taiwan respectively), The Mountain and The River painted by Dai Jing (22 meters) in Ming dynasty and Bamboos painted by Li Heng in Yuan dynasty.
It holds thousands of paintings, both oil and watercolour, calligraphies, prints, charcoal drawings, literary sketches, sculpture, inscriptions, rubbings and bronze ware; many of them invaluable.

Add.: No. 13, Luhu Lu, Guangzhou ( 麓湖路13号)
Tel: 020-8365 9337, 8365 9202
Opening Times:
Tuesday- Friday:
9.00 – 17.00
Weekend, Holiday: 9:30 -16:30
Admission: free of charge

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