Guangzhou Baomo Garden

Guangzhou Baomo Garden

Built at the end of the Qing Dynasty, Baomo Garden is situated in Zini village near Shawan town and it’s a fine example of Lingnan architecture. Once inside, you’ll find buildings, gardens, hills, lakes and bridges – a place where manmade art sits among nature’s art in the form of sculptures and edifices which boast intricate clay, porcelain, brick, wood and stone carving. Don’t miss the beautifully displayed rose or orchid garden. But these are not the only things on which to feast your eyes, as Baomo also has a restaurant within it. Here you can sample delicious Shawan ginger milk custard along with a number of other local dishes.
Baomo Garden consists of the culture of an upright official-Baozheng, ancient buildings in South China, traditional gardening arts of South China, and waterside scenery in the Pearl River Delta. The buildings, the gardens, the hills, the water and the bridges are distributed reasonably and naturally, and they make all the grand sights.
The stone archways at the entrance are an imitation of ancient buildings. It is a wonderful workmanship that looks grand and lofty. In the garden, there are numerous pottery carvings, porcelain carvings, brick carvings, clay carvings, stone carvings and woodcarvings. Among them there are the porcelain sculpture “Riverside Scene of Singing Festival” which has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records and the large refined artistic brick sculpture “Wall of Blooming Flowers With Singing Birds”. The gallery in the Litchi Island is resplendent and magnificent.
There is splendid water scenery inside the verdant Panyu Bao Mo Garden. Li Jing Bay, Qing Ping Lake, and Bao Mo Lake respectively run through a one-thousand-meter river. The water here is as clear as a mirror, running in a trickle. There are more than 30 stone bridges crossing these charming rivers and lakes. You can find yourself on a cockayne as the Penglai Fairy Island when you take a gaily-decorated pleasure boat on the lake. The surface of the water is rippling and the trees surrounding the lake are swaying in the breeze. Millions of carps swimming and chasing each other in water and it seems like red waves were rippling. What’s more, there is a paradise for children at Zi Zhu Stream of Zi Zhu Garden. Children can have great pleasure dabbling their hands in the stream and watching carps there.
The major scenic spots inside Bao Mo Garden are: Bao Mo Hall, Zhi Ben Hall, Qing Xin Pavilion, Zi Dong Boat, Yang Lian Bridge, Long Tu Hall, Qian Xiang Cloister and so on. These scenic spots are beset among those thousand-year-old podocarpuses, murraya jasminorages, and gingko trees, which greatly set off the attractions and make them cheer up and look comfortable.
Coming to Baomo Garden, you’ll fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the gardening in South China, you’ll be relaxed and happy so much as to forget to go home and finally be led up to meaningful afterthoughts.

Features of Baomo Garden in Guangzhou
– The Garden is also a huge gallery of halls. The Baomo Treasure Hall, Ju Bao Hall, Long Tu Hall preserves photographs, pottery, bronze and jade articles belonging to the days of ancient China. Amidst the garden is also placed the statue of a Chinese sage Confucius.
– The Baomo Garden has some fine water bodies such as the Litchi View Bay, Baomo Lake and Qingping Lake. The crystal clear water is inviting and the Zidong Pleasure Boat on the Qingping Lake is a symbol of art the beauty of which is hard to forget. The water bodies are linked with 30 odd bridges.
– The Bamboo Garden is the Children’s corner. They can either paddle through the swift flowing water and have fun or try out their hands at fishing.
– The Baomo Garden is a little treasure cove with beauty scattered in every nook and corner of the garden. Apart the sculptures and water bodies the garden also boasts of a Lotus Pool, Rose Garden and an orchid Garden.
– The Garden also houses a viewing Tower from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole garden. The restaurants at the Baomo Garden offer the authentic specialties of the Panyu cuisine in your lunch break. One must try out the special Shawan Town Ginger Milk while on a visit to the Baomo Garden.
Transportation:Take bus no 12 from Panyu
Price : 40 RMB
1. Best time to visit: The spring time in Guangzhou is humid and rainy which unsuitable for traveling. So the September and November will be the best time to visit Guangzhou when the temperature is moderate and the weather is fine. 2. Food: The restaurants inside Bao Mo Garden such as Guan Jing Lou, Feng Wei Guan, Yi Wei Guan, Zi Zhu Ju offer Cantonese cuisine and local delicacy of Panyu, for example, the famous Sha Wan Ginger Milk, Zi Ni Fish Skin, Li Wan Tian Zai Congee, and many other delicious dishes.

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