Guangzhou South China Botanical Garden

Guangzhou Botanical Garden

The South China Botanical Garden is one of the world’s largest botanical gardens affiliated with Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was founded in 1956, covering 300 hectares. Situated at Longdong in the northeastern suburbs of Guangzhou, it has over 6,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants introduced from home and abroad. Its displays include a collection of palm, bamboo, orchid, pteridophyte, and shade plants.
The Garden includes two major parts—popular science exhibit and scientific research experiment zones. The popular science exhibition covers 1000 mu, including 16 different gardens like palm zone, living fossil zone, tropical greenhouse, orchid garden and cycad garden according to natural laws and aesthetical principle, among which the collection categories in magnolia and ginger gardens are leading in the world also with advanced research results. There are also field operation club, fishing club, boat club, canteen and rest house in the exhibition zone, which is an ideal place for people to return to nature.
There are also multi-flower garden of 80000 square meters, including tea garden, azalea garden and grand myrtle garden, which is specialized in sculpt of the plants. In the east of the park, there are fun stone garden, lava and metamorphic rock, with different styles and colors.

Address: Xingke Road #723, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
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