Guangzhou Martyrs park

Guangzhou Insurrectional Martyr Cemetry Park
Guangzhou Insurrectional Martyr Cemetry Park

Guangzhou Insurrectional Martyr Cemetry Park was built in 1954 to commemorate martyrs who died bravely and honorably during the Guangzhou Insurrection led by the Communist Party of China in December 1927. The park was opened to public in May 1958 as a national key protected site for martyr monuments. It serves as an exemplary base for national patriotism education, and a national education base for primary and secondary students. It is also one of the hundreds national revolution tourism sites, and protected site for cultural relics of the Guangdong province.
Spanning a total area of 186,000 square meters, the park is divided into two zones- the memorial and garden. Epigraphs written by Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping,Ye Jianying and other leaders can be seen on many memorial buildings in the park.
The memorial park zone is a grand and solemn place for paying tribute and remembrance to the martyrs. It consists of the Main Entrance Gate, Memorial Avenue, Guangzhou Insurrection Monument,Tomb of the Martyrs of Guangzhou Commune, Four Martyrs’ Tomb, Comrade Ye Jianying Monument and others. In the morning, when the sun rises from the east, casting her rays on the trees and lawns, the park is bathed in brilliant gold of the early morning, making it one of the famous “Eight Scenes of Guangzhou” – The Rising Sun in Insurrectional Martyr Cemetry Park. 

Amidst lawns and lakes stand the Blood Sacrificed Xuanyuan Pavilion, Sino-North Korea Friendship Blood Sacrificed Pavilion and Sino-Soviet Friendship Blood Sacrificed Pavilion. Other sites include Senior Citizens Activity Area, Children Playground, JianMei Sports Center, Skating Ground, Flower Hall and Land of Wonders. The park hosts horticulture, photography, calligraphy and art exhibitions too. Thus making it a commemorative venue, public education base and sightseeing park.
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