Guangzhou Ocean World

guangzhou ocean world

A large-scale and multi-functional scientific and technological exhibition hall that mixes together entertainment, appreciation, scientific research and education, Guangzhou Ocean World covers an area of about 13,000 sq.meters, with a total investment of US$50 million. The Science and Technology Association of Guangdong Province have named it Guangdong Educational Base for Popular Marine Science.
Deep ocean view tank is the largest exhibit tank in China, with a depth of 10 m and a volume of 1100 m3. It exhibits the splendid deep ocean view, which is also a miniature of the seabed. These colorful corals are creatures under national secondary protection. There are several protection zones for corals, where they cannot be plucked at will. The ecological balanced would be destroyed if corals are destroyed. These fake corals will not fade or contaminate the seawater even when they were put into the tank for a long time. The glass of the exhibit tank is 35 cm thick, which is super elastic and strong, with great transparency.
Guangzhou Ocean World is divided into several areas to reveal the submarine world in all directions, including Ocean Square, Relief Square, Submarine Tunnel, Deep Sea Scenery, Seaweed Pillar, Treasure Window, Fresh Water World, Rocky Seashore, Touch Pool, Sea Turtle Pool, Shark Hall, Hall of Popular Marine Science, Ocean Theatre, Sealion Amusement Park, etc. All these exhibition areas have distinctive specialties, vivid and true to life.
As Guangzhou is not close by the sea, designers adopted complete sets of imported equipment for life maintenance as well as the state-of-the-art technology for manmade seawater in order to enable the living creatures from the depth of the sea to settle down at Guangzhou Ocean World. It is these advanced equipment that make people’s dream of ‘ocean on the land’ come true.
Address: 120, Xianlie Zhong Rd
Price: CNY 100
Opening hour: 9:00Am-17:00Pm
Telephone: 87611250 87611884-1111, 1112

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