Guangzhou Orchid Garden

Guangzhou Orchid Garden

The Guangzhou Orchid Garden was rebuilt from a botanical garden in 1957 and covers an area of 3.9 hectares. It is located near the western entrance to the Yuexiu Park and features more than 200 species of orchids. In addition to orchids, there are also over 300 species of other plants.
The orchid garden has been landscaped beautifully with ponds, sculptures, pagodas, bamboos and other plants like creepers, rare flowers and luxuriant bushes. There are over 20 acres of land in the garden to be explored, which are filled with tropical trees and orchids. Around 10,000 potted orchids can be found within the garden, which cover over 2,000 species.
An orchid exhibition show is open all through the year in the garden. Exotic tea is served in the garden and the tourists are provided with the double treat of enjoying nature and tea at the same time.
Travelers can take a rest and sip tea in the clean and elegant Xi Yin Pavilion that has been newly decorated and is now surrounded by trees. Orchid Garden is a good place to see flowers, observe fish and taste tea.

Features of Orchid Garden in Guangzhou
– The Orchid Garden is divided into two areas, east and west. The eastern part holds the orchid sheds and the cultivation takes place in this area mainly. The collection consists of around 20000 orchids. The variety consists of Gold Mouth orchid, Silver Mouth orchid, Spun gold Horsetail orchid, Parrot orchid and song plum orchid to name a few. All the varieties are expensive and rare.
– The western enclave houses a number of halls, pavilions, terraces and towers where you can enjoy a rest, drink tea and relish the scenic beauty. The Tongxin Hall, the Bajiao Pavilion, the Mingjing Pavilion and the Fanghua Garden.
– Among the three sheds in the eastern region, the first and the third consist of the variety which is known as Earth Grow Orchids. The second shed cultivates the foreign variety and are known as air grown orchids. The orchids of this variety cover the tree trunks and walls with their colorful bloom.
– The Orchid Garden is interspersed with lots of waterfalls and springs which heightens the beauty more. The twittering of the birds and the fragrance of the orchids rejuvenate the tired self.
– The Mingjing Pavilion is a relic of the political past of the city. The inscription found there was written by the Vice Mayor Lin Xi to imbibe the value of self discipline in his party cadres.
– The Fanghua Garden is an awesome tourist attraction placed within the Orchid Park and has helped in winning international fame for the Park. The Garden with its streams, bridges, rock works took part in the 16th International Gardening exhibition in Munich, West Germany and has won two gold awards.
Chinese Name: 广州兰圃公园
Address:901 Jiefang Beilu, Yuexiu District, Guanghzou
Contact:020 8667 8330; 8667 8299 (Tel)
Hours: 08:00 – 18:00
Price: 8 RMB
How to go to Guangzhou Orchid Garden?
Guangzhou Metro: Line 2, Get off at Yuexiu Park Station , Exit B2, Walking about 5 minutes to the Guangzhou Orchid Garden

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