Guangzhou puppet

Guangzhou puppet

Center of Guangzhou puppet art at official on September 22, 2003 start business, undertook namely the opening ceremony of match of shadow of skin of puppet of the 2nd whole nation mixes golden lion award first match and perform in public of follow-up match view and emulate 7 showing number. If you are interested in puppet show,going to Guangzhou not allow to miss here.
Guangzhou Puppet Art Center occupies an area of 3,581 square meters, and contains a big theatre, which has 452 seats, a small theatre, which has 100 seats and is used for puppet teaching and tourism performance, a puppet exhibition hall, a puppet making department, a puppet training room, a puppet video production room and the art exchange and research and office space. This center combines puppet performance, puppet making, puppet sale, puppet teaching, puppet video production, puppet art research and exchange in one.
The world of puppet fairy tale that center of Guangzhou puppet art is teenager children and the world that imagine creation.

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