Guangzhou Sculpture Park

 Guangzhou Sculpture Park

The Guangzhou Sculpture Park is China’s largest thematic sculpture park, at 113 acres. It was built by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government in 1996 in commemoration of the 2210th anniversary of the founding of Guangzhou Town. The sculptures feature gardening, ornamental, educational, artistic and historic themes.
Within this sculpture park is the Tang Daxi Sculpture Park which was approved in 2006 by the Municipal Government, displaying a collection of sited works by the prominent Chinese realist sculptor Tang Daxi. The works depict patriotic and historic themes.
With its elegant environment and vast variety of sculptures, the Guangzhou Sculpture Park is a showcase of Guangzhou’s history and Lingnan’s cultural featuresMusic events, including the Guangzhou Jazz and World Music Festival, are scheduled in the sculpture park.[Not a valid template]

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