Guangzhou Six Banyan tree Temple

Guangzhou Pagoda in Six banyan trees temple

Guangzhou six banyan tree temple was built in 537, Temple of Six Banyan Trees is is one of the four best Buddhist temples in Guangzhou and located on the Liurong Road (meaning the Six Banyan Trees Road). It has a rich collection of cultural-relics and is renowned both at home and abroad. It enshrines three large Buddhist statues–the biggest copper Buddhist statues existing in Guangdong province. The thousand-Buddha copper pillar cast in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) is kept on the top story of the pagoda. The 184-foot pagoda appears to have nine stories; inside, however, there are 17 levels. Because of the colorful exterior carvings, it is popularly known as the Flower Pagoda.
An interesting construction stands in the temple grounds. The Hua Ta Pagoda is an octagonal building, reaching up seventeen storeys. The pagoda was constructed in 1097. With its blue glazed-tiles, vermilion beams painted wall and red pillars all in good match, it resembles a huge flowery column. The sculpture in the wooden eaves and the ceiling here is exquisite and there are hundreds of small posing Buddha’s peering out at visitors as they make the climb up the steep staircase. Because the pagoda is situated in the city proper, and when tourists stand on the top of it, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the whole city.
The temple is a symbol of Guangzhou. If you missed the temple and the Guangdong (Cantonese) food, you have not really been to Guangzhou. So, when you are traveling around the city, do not forget to have a taste of Guangdong (Cantonese) food and a look of the Six Banyan Temple. Thus every year on the Chinese traditional Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, the temple becomes a busy area. Numerous people queue to burn the first joss stick in order to be blessed by gods in the coming year.[Not a valid template]
Features of Six Banyan Temple in Guangzhou
Tianwang Hall in Six Banyan Temple in Guangzhou has the Laughing Buddha
You will come across Six Banyan Pagoda or Flowery Pagoda inside the temple.
Six Banyan Pagoda consists of Buddhist relics and displays splendid architectural designs with curved roofs and the tip built like stamens
The entire pagoda looks like a stigma straight in the air
Daxiong Baodian Hall has three copper Buddhist statues with Sakyamuni in the middle, Amitabha on the left and the Apothecary Buddha on the right.
During Chinese traditional Spring Festival and Lantern Festival , joss sticks are burnt by numerous devotees

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