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Guangzhou Spa at guangzhou osotto hotel


is located on the beautiful Pearl River, on the fourth floor of GuangDong Nanmei Osotto Hotel (Haizhu Brance). It integrates recreation, relaxtion, hairdressing and health-care, and is the largest professional SPA accommodation
NUBALANCE SPA provides independent VIP rout ways, spacious and luxurious private or lover SPA room , equipped with independent sauna facilities and characteristic showers. Staying in a space with Bali characters, with the fragrance of essential oil and gentle musice pervading in the air, the kind smile of therapists and professional service, you will be brought to a state of peace and relaxation, and sense the tropical atmosphere as you can get in Bali.
At the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pearl River and a private space, Leave the busy city life behind for a moment , forget about the time , rejuvenate your life though the enjoyment of the senses and let your body soul be peaceful and comfortable.
The health-care SPA therapy the essence of health-care methods in Asia and guided by philosophical thought of yin and yang in traditional Chinese culture. It uses the ancient Indonesian prescription. Bathing in fragrance, balance by herbal medicine, nourished by the essential oil and massaged by hot stones, you will get rejuvenated and balance within. Tiredness is washed away and vigor is restored.
NUBALANCE SPA is a place where you can keep away from the confusion of modern society, and give your body and soul a good rest.

Indonesia’s Java Flower Bath
Period of treatment: 120min
It derived from the Indonesian ancient royal treatment and enjoyment. Frosted LULUR powder and the specially designed cheese essence nourish your whole skin, moderately achieving fast whitening. With the combination of traditional Indonesian massage therapy , the technique of Shiatsu through meridians can promote lymphatic detoxification, remove muscle soreness and relieve the pressure. Fragrant flowers bath, ringing drip and rich tropical affairs can completely revive your body and mind

Eden Couple Set
Period of treatment: 120min
This is a magic SPA romantic trip which can render you infinite romance. The beautiful couple Spa site is equipped with separate and hydrotherapy area. The couple can enjoy the nutrition and care of the whole body together as well as the warm and powerful relief massage by the physical therapist. The gentle sense of happiness will cover every inch of your skin with unresisting sweet felling…… With the SPA elegant romantic music, you can enjoy the fun brought from the warm and romantic bath of roses. Finally, you can enjoy the mellow health tea; talk with your happy partner Sophie feeling the endless happiness and joy!

Period of treatment: 120min
The warm coconut with a variety of spices mixed can promote blood circulation. Additionally the natural sea salt can remove the horny substance in the whole body, add the minerals needed by the body at the same of the convergence of pores. In addition, the hot stone massage with a combination of acupuncture points and meridians of the body can relieve muscles of the whole body rendering the neonatal feeling.

Soft and Brightening
The deep massage technique towards the whole body can relieve the pressure completely. Considering your personality, lifestyle and skin nature, the face care deriving from the ocean can make the skin soft and bright, creating the harmony and relax of body, mind and spirit.

Other Services:
Feature Massage
1. A psalm of life Treatment of herbal balls from king of Thailand (period of treatment :120min)
2. Vital hot stone magic massage (period of treatment :90min)
3. Luxury perfume massage (period of treatment :90min)

Beauty and Oxygenating Care (Facial Treatment)
1. Care of marine essence (period of treatment :60min)
2. Energizing primordial care (period of treatment :90min)
3. Thai King Ball Herbal facial treatment (period of treatment :40min)
4. Thai King herbal ball eye care( period of treatment :90min)

Self-care Trip (Body Treatment)
1. Body Care by Coconut Oil (period of treatment :50min)
2. Beauty to remove horny substance (period of treatment :30min)
3. Beauty of whole peristroma (period of treatment :45min)

Bath Therapy (Bath)
1. Fresh Rose Bath (period of treatment :30min)
2. 2 Ebullient red wine bath (period of treatment :30min)

(8620)2231 9999
(8620)2837 7777-2222
From 01:00 pm to 04:00 am next day every day
Add: No.16 haiming street of binjingxi road in haizhu district, guangzhou.

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