Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park is recognised as the leading zoological park throughout all of China, located in the biggest city in south China Guangzhou,  It holds a 5A class tourism attraction level, the highest level obtainable and is presently the only zoo in China to hold this ranking. Xiangjiang Safari Park combines fauna breed and protection, science research, tour and science education together, aiming at “protecting wildlife, protecting natural resources”.It is one of the best known, most beloved, and the largest animal park in all of China. It opened its gates in 1997, but has already served more than ten million guests.

In April 2006, Xiangjiang Safari Park received 6 koalas from Australia and is the only zoo in mainland China to display koalas. It is the only zoo in mainland China to display Koalas and is the only zoo in the world to currently have koala twins, an extremely rare occurance.

Xiangjiang Safari Park owns numerous rare wild animals of which there are over 70 heads of white tigers that makes it the largest white tiger breeding and exhibiting base in China. Besides the white tigers, there are white lions, white kangaroos, red-headed Cranes, Flamingos, Pygmy Hippos, polar bears and so on.

Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park is also known as the heaven of animals ,as there are more than 400 species and 20000 heads of wild animals under large scale captive breeding. This is a place where you can feel the freshness and wildness of nature. It i is also the best place for tourists to get back to natural environment and get close to animals. visitors could get as close as they can to the animals, feed the animals by their own hands, as well as take photos with animals.
Ticket Price of Xiangjiang Safari Park
How to go to the Xiangjiang Safari Park
Xiangjiang Safari Park travel tips
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1. Full ticket: it is for the adult who taller than 1.5 meters.

2. Child ticket definition: from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters height. The aged ticket definition:person

who aged 65 years old or above, the identity card is needed.

3. Self-drive vehicle: no more than 20 seats in each vehicle

4. Free Pass: Each full ticket buyer can bring a child (shorter than 1.2 meters) without extra charge.Remark:

1. For the package ticket with Chimelong International Circus, please use them

within same day. Visitors need to put on a wrist band when you enter the first park;

after then, please use the wrist band and ticket together to enter Chimelong International Circus.

2. If the package ticket relate to Guangzhou Crocodile Park, Crocodile Park entrance ticket is valid

in a month, another entrance ticket is valid in the same day.

3. For the other package ticket, tourist can use the ticket within two days; every park can enter

once only. Moreover, for two days package, tourists need to save the fingerprint in first park,

and use it with the ticket to enter in second park.

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  1. You will defintely spend a full day here, so please go there early possible !

    You can rent your own shuttle service with 300RMB for 1 hour, we rent for 3 hours with personal tour guide and go as where you want to go, stop at where you wish to stop. 3 hours enough for you to visit the whole park with shuttle service but definitely not by walking. The park is too huge to cover by walking.

    A lots of wild animals, more than 150 white tigers and other speicies of tigers, elephant, 10 cute pandas(not 1 or 2), twin koala (the second biggers collection of koala other than Aust), the only twin in the world, a lot more you had seen and not been seen and you name it, the animal are a lot not just 1 or 2 only.

    Be sure you noticed on the animal shows time, it fun and defintely the young children will like it. White Tigers shows, Elephant Shows, Animal Baby Shows, Fun Animal Shows and etc.

    Free children theme park.

    Worth to go be sure you get a package together with the circus shows in cheaper price.

  2. My fiancé and I both loved our day out here. We spent around 6 hours, especially loved the pandas (although would have loved to have seen the baby pandas despite them being advertised all over the zoo?!), koalas, feeding the monkeys (great value at 5rmb!), the safari, and generally enjoyed seeing the animals look happy in their large and well maintained enclosures. Highly recommend this.

  3. It was awesome , only even after hats, umbrella and stroller fan , the heat still got us ! We took the metro to get to hanxi changlong station . After that the free shuttle bus across the foot bridge to reach the safari park south gate. When you buy the tickets please take a picture of the show timings for reference as they don’t have a flyer. The shows are brilliant so plan your visit around them. We finished the safari by foot first and then went to safari by wheels later in the day when the heat increased. I highly recommend all animal feedings like tiger , giraffe , elephant, goat, horse etc. They have an animal nursery where you can make the tiger cub have milk too ! You can pat the koala bear in the koala section . The children’s amusement park area is made well and worth a ride or two. We actually went back the next day to the safari park for few hours again to finish it all !

  4. At Hanxi-Changlong Metro Station, you actually need to use Exit A (not Exit C) to get to the shuttle-bus station. We followed your advice and came out Exit C and were a little confused when there were no signs or anything referring to the safari park. Later found out that you actually need to come out Exit A and cross the road using the overhead walkway to the free shuttle bus stop (all clearly signposted from the exit).

    • Thanks your feeback,  I am sorry that make you a little  confuss,I will revise soon, I think I wll take some photos around the metro station, maybe it will more convenient for the tourist go there . Happy New Year ! Hope you have great 2015!

Main Exhibition Areas and Performance
1: Self-drive Scenic Spot
Xiangjiang Safari Park is the first one in China to adopt the mode of watching animals during self-drive trip. The self-drive area covers nearly 1 million square meters in total. It was built against mountains and with water inside, which forms a unique natural landscape.
2: Chimelong Panda Center
Chimelong Panda Center is a royal center intended for pandas, covering an area of over 10000 square meters with a setting of mountains and waters, as well as clouds and bamboos. It is divided into two yards, Green Bamboo Yard and Golden Bamboo Yard. There are not only the first class facilities inside the yards, but also outdoor exercises ground outside the yard. It is called the best panda club in the world.
3: Australian Park
The Australian Park is located at the center of the walking area of Xiangjiang Safari Park, covering 13800 square meters. It was formally opened to the public in July 2006 as the most luxurious animal hotel.In the Australian Park, you can not only see lovely Phascolarctos cinereus (koala) and the only koala twins in the world, but also the largest kangaroo in the world — red kangaroo; white kangaroo which is first introduced by Xiangjiang with the largest number of exhibits; aromaius novaehollandiae, or Australian ostrich, whose weight can reach 50kg, and all kinds of precious animals from Australia like Cacatua galerita with beautiful crista on the head.In the Australia Park, you can also taste original Australian food, watch plays about koala parents and children, participate in manufacture of native Australian handicrafts on site and experience the particular Australian culture across the other oceans. The special Australian custom will make you forget to go back home.
4: Tiger Mountain
In 2010, which is the year of tiger in Chinese calendar, Xiangjiang Safari Park launched Tiger Mountain in a brand-new way. There were 6 tiger species, more than a hundred tigers, which made Xiangjiang a tiger eco-exhibition area with the most tiger species and the largest number of tigers in China.There are six tiger species including South China tiger, golden tiger, silver tiger, white tiger, Bengal tiger and Northeast tiger living in the 30000-square-meter white tiger mountain. Visitors from all around the world will see the interesting behaviors of tigers in the special function exhibition area, which is first developed by the park.
5: Green Dragon Mountain
There have been the orientations called green dragon, white tiger, rose finch and black tortoise since the ancient time in China. There is white tiger in Xiangjiang, and surely there is also green dragon.In the green dragon mountain, there live the famous second-class protected animal in China ——giant salamander; in addition, you can get close to and appreciate various owls, which you can only watch from far away at ordinary times; as well as all kinds of squirrels and hamsters, which are very lovely and well received by children! And the most popular is, of course, the animal kindergartens where animal babies go to school.
6: African Tribe
Xiangjiang has introduced 30 precious meerkats from South Africa and will exhibit them for the first time.Meerkats living in the grand African plain can stand by their two feet by nature. It seems as if they were little fairies from fairy tales when they are standing forward! In order to welcome the African fairies, the new exhibition area “African Tribe” is open. You will see eurasian spoonbill, black and white rhinoceros, antelope and pygmy hippopotamus, and so on.Here you can experience the exotic African custom.
7: Performance by Fowl
Since the first nationwide fowl performance debuted in the Spring Festival of 2008, such performance has gone on and become an attractive option to tourists. Over one hundred rare members of fowl become the main roles of the performance, and you can get very close to large fowl like flamingo, pelican, red -crowned crane, eagle and vulture. Parrots, red -crowned crane and golden vulture, being coached and having their special skills, which will satisfy you with extraordinary performance.
8: Performance by White Tiger
Xiangjiang is a rich and blessed land, where many rare animals in the world have resided and have their babies, which seems to be a miracle.There are more than one hundred white tigers, or a half of the world’s white tigers in Xiangjiang. They walk across the mountains and waters between the walking and self-drive areas of Xiangjiang. With the training by the most famous animal trainers in the world, these tigers provide the world’s most wonderful performance of the greatest scale —— Kelly Dynasty for tourists.Over 30 white tigers took part in the performance. There is a saying two tigers cannot live together in one mountain. However, in Xiangjiang, more than ten tigers work together to climb the golden mountain, trample a ball, jump through a burning circle, and wallow in a group. That the animal trainer performs with them without any tools arouses exclamations and applauses of audience, which represent their best comment on the wonderful performance.
9: Flower and Fruit Mountain Theater
Flower and Fruit Mountain Theater, locating in the thick forest, is a dazzling stage of the little animals, holding a fairy party on time.The crowing rooster, purely white buffalo, the little monkey playing the flute, the parrots that can recognize characters and calculate, mini pigs that can never grow up, black bears that are able to play basketball, supernatural wolf dogs, smart cats and little goats that can stand up……almost 20 kinds of animals that children like best will put on performance on the stage to show off their special skills.
10: Elephant Park
On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2008, five Asian elephants were born in Xiangjiang, which is unprecedented in China.The birth of the five Asian elephants increased the number of Asian elephants in Xiangjiang from 15 to 20, accounting for 50% of China’s Asian elephants.In order to present the largest Asian elephant group in China, and bring a better home to the large Asian elephant family, Xiangjiang built a new elephant park.

The newly-added humanitarian watching mode under the new concept allowed tourists to watch the elephants in a close distance.

The elephant park has also become one of the most popular exhibition areas.

11: Amazon Rain Forest
Amazon Rain Forest is located off the Amazon River of South America, which is a river of the grandest valley and largest flow.This river abounds in water throughout the year, moistening 8 million square kilometers of land and nurturing the world’s largest tropical rain forest It is well known as the most mysterious “Kingdom of Life” in the world.
12 Giraffe Square
Xiangjiang Safari Park has the largest giraffe species in China. In the giraffe square you can get very close to giraffe and appreciate the elegancy of the highest animal on land.Besides, you can also feed the giraffe with their favorite food, green leaves, and take photos with them.
13: Performance by Elephant
Performance by Elephant is at the center of Xiangjiang. It is the stage of Asian elephants, the national treasure of Thailand.As is known to all, the elephant is the largest animal on land. They walk slow and seem to be silly.As a matter of fact, the elephant is very smart, the several elephants in Xiangjiang in particular, they can almost do everything As long as they stand up in a line and do some exercises, the audience will shout again and again.
Then, they will stand up, sit down and make poses. They can completely understand the commands.
Here are the most wonderful performances: the elephants can walk across single-log bridge, stand with only one foot, play basketball and football, help others to swing rope, etc. They simply have gifts in many ways.
In the end, the star elephant, Cowe showed off its unique skill. It offered the tourists a massage. It was very comfortable. Look, the tourists laugh so happily, only to find cold sweat through the whole body and acclaim the elephant for its service.
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:30—18:00 ; Saturday/Sunday: 9:30—18:00
Retail Price (Full, Half)
Ticket category Full The aged and Children
XiangjiangSafari Park 200 Yuan/Person 100 Yuan/Person
Package (Save at least 40 Yuan)
Ticket category Full The aged and Children
Xiangjiang Safari Park + Chimelong Paradise 360 Yuan/Person 200 Yuan/Person
Xiangjiang Safari Park + Internation Circus 390 Yuan/Person 225 Yuan/Person
Xiangjiang Safari Park + Crocodile Park 250 Yuan/Person 145 Yuan/Person
How to go to the Guangzhou Xiangjiang Safari Park?
Take Metro Line 3, Get off at Hangxi-Chinglong Metro Station, Exit A, you will see the Chimelong Bus Station . The shuttle bus is free to take you any place in Chimelong .In addition, there is a taxi rank and multiple public buses stopping at Chime-Long Paradise including buses 221, 512, 247, and 562. For those using their own vehicles there is ample car parking.(Guangzhou metro Map)

For more information see their website: