1 Day Guangzhou to Qingyuan Tour — Rafting

Qingyuan is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Guangdong province of Southern China. Its total population is 3.7 million, and the primary language spoken is Cantonese. With an area of 19,015 km², Qingyuan is the city of the largest land area in Guangdong. It is located on the Bei Jiang River, is surrounded by mountainous areas, and features an expressway to Guangzhou.

Qingyuan was honored “Hometown of Drifting in China”, “Hometown of Hot Spring in China” and “Hometown of Dragon Boat in China” by China. Lot of people likes to relax in Qqingyuan when they at the sightseeing place visit the mountains and take part in some ‘White Water Rafting’, this activity can both excite and refresh.

Qingyuan Rafting
Qingyuan Rafting
Qingyuan Rafting
Qingyuan Rafting

Not for the ‘feint hearted’, white water rafting is becoming increasingly popular. Here are some great places to enjoy this activity in the north of Guangdong.

Huangteng Canyon, “King of White Water Rafting”
Huangteng Canyon is praised as “Guangdong’s Little Jiu Zhai Paradise”. The water quality and scenery are first-class. Opened in 2004, Huangteng Canyon has been labeled the most attractive and exciting white water rafting location in China.The river of Huangteng Canyon is 4.8 km long and has 130 different falls. The highest can reach 12 meters. You can begin your journey on the river at various points depending on the level of excitement sought.
Location: Dong town, Qingcheng district, Qingyuan
Price: Warrior Rafting 160 Yuan / person
Joyful Rafting 130 Yuan / person
Tel: 0763-3906221
Xuanzhen Ancient Cave, More Than Just Rafting
Xuanzhen Ancient Cave has much to offer. The rafting experience is 4.3 km long and includes 130 different falls. All the falls linked together can reach 100 meters in height. The whole voyage will last around 1.5 hours.Besides rafting, Xuanzhen Ancient Cave Ecology Resort also provides activities including swimming, exploration, BBQ, fishing and war games.
Location: Xuanzhen Ancient Cave Ecology Resort, Qingxin County, Qingyuan
Price: 138 Yuan / person(adult)
68 Yuan / person (child)
Tel: 020-33417856
Bi Jia Mountain, Rafting All Year Round—–Qinglong Gorge Rafting
Located in Bi Jia Mountain Resort in Qingyuan, Bi Jia River has a dam to control the water flow. Travelers can enjoy rafting throughout the year.Qinglong Gorge Rafting, given the natural gorge rafting distinctive features, set the waterfalls, pools, rocks, forests, rare plants in one, the beauty of natural scenery is worth amazing. Natural waterfalls and plenty of mountain spring water provide plenty of drifting water, lush vegetation for tourists and block hot summer sun. Floating in the water, in the middle picture, people are free to bleaching process to select a different experience.
Location: Bi Jia Mountain Resort, Qingxin County, Qingyuan
Price: Warrior Rafting 238 Yuan / person
Joyful Rafting 138 Yuan / person
(Includes life jacket, helmet, and 100,000 Yuan travel insurance)
Tel: 020-8337 8960
How to go Rafting in picturesque Qingyuan
Qingyuan rafting is a popular activity in Guangzhou, and many travel agencies, like Guang Zhilv International Travel Agency, offer the Qingyuan Rafting itinerary. You can join a group for this exciting outdoors adventure and pick the most convenient day for you be part of a rafting group. The cost is reasonable, usually about 120-160/person. The travel agency’s Qingyuan Rafting itinerary includes a cruise of the Xiao Bei River and rafting. You will enjoy the picturesque “Little Three Gorges of Quingyuan,” which is surrounded by japed mountains. The scenery of this charming area is reminiscent of an ancient Chinese scroll painting.
How to find a travel agency in Guangzhou?
You can easily find the closest travel agency to your hotel at this handy link: (Guangzhou Travel Agency Information). Many travel agencies are located near Beijing Road and the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.

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  1. I visited this place with my wife recently. It was a long 4 hour drive from Chang An, only to be told I was too old. I think its a place only for local Chinese, as they claimed to never have seen a westerner before me.

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