Chen Clan Academy (Chen Jia Ci ,chinese)

Chen Clan Academy
Chen Clan Academy

The Chen Clan Academy, locally named the Chen Ancestral Hall, was located outside the west gate of Guangzhou City and built during the 14th to 20th years of Guangxu Reign of the Qing Dynasty (1888—1894). Contributed by the Chen families in seventy-two counties of Guangdong Province, the academy served as the hall for ancestor worship as well as a temporary residence for the Chen descendants when they came to the provincial capital for official discussion, imperial examination or litigation. Covering a total area of 15,000 square meters, a floor space of 6,400 square meters, the Chen Clan Academy is a symmetrical complex comprising nineteen single buildings in a square form. The central axis is flanked on both sides by halls and wing-rooms; the single building are interspaced by courtyards and connected with verandas. The Chen Clan Academy is the largest, best-preserved and most gorgeously decorated traditional building in Guangdong Province and is acclaimed as a bright pearl among the artistic building in the south of the Five Ridges.

All the architectural decorations in the academy, the wood carvings, brick carvings, stone carvings, ceramic sculptures, lime sculptures, iron castings and paintings are of varied topics and super workmanship, which make a comprehensive expression of the exquisite folk arts and handicrafts of the local province.

In 1959, based on the Chen Clan Academy, Guangdong Folk Arts Museum was established by the government for collection, study and display of folk arts throughout the country, especially those from the local province. There are displays of precious cultural relics and works full of folk customs like ceramics, embroidery and carvings, which are of pretty high value for both study and appreciation. As an important historical and cultural site under state protection, the Chen Clan Academy is chosen one of the Eight Sights of the Goat City in the New Century with the name Gu Ci Liu Fang (the great hall leaves good name) and becomes the most culturally and artistically featured museum as well as a famous scenic spot in South China.

This is a really unique experience in that you get to walk through the Chen clan academy in its restored glory. It is almost like walking through a living museum . I think you can’t miss it when you travel in Guangzhou and you can take lot of nice photos in there that show them to your family or friends .
Open Hours: 8:30a.m to 5:30p.m every day
Add: Chen’s Ancestral Hall ,Zhongshan 7″ Road,Guangzhou ,China Admission Fee: CNY 10
Transportation Take subway and get off at Chen Ancestral Shrine station; or take buses No.85, 88, 104, 107, 128 and get off at Gaoji bus station; take bus No.268 and get off at Chen Ancestral Shrine; take buses No.15,52, 55, 105, 124, 133, 193, 196, 205, 207, 231, 232, 256, 275, 530, 539, 555 and get off at No.8 Zhongshan Road.

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  1. I doubt anyone can walk through this place without marvelling at the amount of time and effort it must have taken to make all the amazingly detailed carvings along the walls and roofs of the building. There are also displays showing equally impressing carvings made of small nuts and bones. You don’t need to understand Chinese to be impressed by the intricacies of the artwork. If you can appreciate art and history, this is a place not to be missed. Also very easily accessible, the Guangzhou metro has a stop right outside the Chen Clan Academy, and entry fee is only RMB10 for adults. You only need about an hour here, but it’s an hour well spent!

  2. We visited the Chen Family Temple after visiting several temples in Beijing and found this one to be very refreshing and exciting in comparison. The artwork and detail in every inch of this place is really special and worth the trip if you are in Guangzhou. You can see that there is some influence from India there in the colors as well as the depiction of the animals that adorn the roof and trim of the building. The souvenir shops are reasonably priced and you can find some unique things there to take home as gifts or keepsakes.

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