Guangzhou TV & Sightseeing Tower

Guangzhou Tv Tower

The design for the Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower in China was won by Information Based Architecture (IBA) and Arup in 2004. Architects Mark Hemel and Barbara Kuit have proposed one of the tallest buildings on the banks of the Pearl River in Guangzhou’s Tianhe District, standing at a height of 610m. It is expected that once completed, the tower will have 10,000 visitors daily, especially as the city is playing host to the 2010 Asian Games.
Guangzhou TV & SightseeingTower according to different functions of planning that was divided into nine regions, which include television and radio facilities, sightseeing platform, a revolving restaurant, video games, restaurant, exhibition space, conference rooms, shops and four-dimensional cinema, jump etc.
The TV tower will bear all kind of facilities to entertain the public. So will there be a 4D cinema, a skywalk and various exhibition spaces.
But the top of the tower bears the most spectacular entertainment. Here, while standing on the sloping square, the public will not only be able to enjoy the panoramic view over the city but here, one can also try a ride in the WORLD’S HIGHEST FERRIS WHEEL
Columns rings and diagonals form together a web that varies over the section of the tower. The columns are all perfectly straight although the lean over to one direction, giving the tower a dynamic twist. They taper from bottom to top, so to further amplify the perspective view up along the tower.
The diagonals are more or less everywhere the same at 800mm. they consist of straight tubes that run between columns fixing the web of nodes into a stiff web. The rings are placed on the inside and their diameter is fixed at 800mm, they are truly round, following the curvature of the facade that runs along the inside
The nodes and tubes of the steel web, that give the tower is characterizing profile, are fully prefabricated and delivered by truck to the site from the Prefabrication factory in Shanghai. The elements are first connected by bolts, and only after the tubes all around have been welded together, the bolt connections are being burned off. Only After the first six rings and all the matching columns and tubes are constructed, the columns are lined out and filled with concrete for stability and fire-proofing
Highest Ferris Wheel
A ride is the WORLD’S HIGHEST FERRIS WHEEL will take approximately half an hour, making a full circle around around the tower. During this time the cublicles subsequently climb and decent the inclined top ellipse, from where one can enjoy full panoramic views over the metropolis of Guangzhou. A private rentable cabin seats four to six persons.

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