Guangzhou Weather

Guangzhou is located in the middle south of Guangdong, north of the Pearl River Delta. Situated in China’s subtropical area, the climate all the year is quite comfortable. With a moderate temperature all the year round, it is hard to give a clear division between the four seasons. It has a humid subtropical monsoon climate, characterized by warm winters, hot summers, little frost and snow, sufficient rain and sunshine. There is abundant rainfall here, making the scenery very lush and green but also ensuring that visitors need an umbrella or a raincoat!A yearly average 20 C-22 C (68 F-72 F) makes it a fabulous destination for traveling. However, the humid and hot weather makes it easy to suffer heat exhaustion
April till June is the rainy season, while August till September is the hottest period with frequent typhoons. The best time to visit Guangzhou is autumn and winter, from October till February of the next year. Also in January, unlike cities in North China, Guangzhou becomes a world of flowers, with blossoms and flower markets almost everywhere. Summer is not quite recommended, because the wet and sizzling weather makes it easy to suffer from heat exhaustion. Please see our Guangzhou Tours and choose your time of travel.
Guangzhou Weather Tips
Best season to visit Guangzhou: October and November are the best months to visit Guangzhou. Alternatively, April and May are also good months.
Clothes for traveling:The weather is very humid and hot in summer here. Bring only breathable fabrics, 100% cotton clothing is a good choice. Bermudas and short tees can bring you almost anywhere since locals here are quite casual in their outfit. Always take napkins with you and water to drink since you sweat that much. Under hot sun and cloudless sky, the umbrella is a godsend for both women and men. It’s common to see guys carry umbrella here, simply because the weather here is just too hot in summer. Sun glasses, sun hat, sandals or any open toes shoes are recommended.
The winter is short. Sometimes, the sun can be shining brightly and can be quite hot even in the month of Dec and Jan. When most northern cities are suffering from heavy snow, a sweater should see you through the winter.

Detailed Guangzhou weather information about the Average, Maximun and Minimum Temperatures and the rainfall.

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average High ( F) 63/67 63/67 69/72 76/79 83/87 86/90
Average Low ( F) 48/52 50/54 56/60 64/68 71/75 74/78
Average High ( C) 17/19 17/19 20/22 24/26 28/30 30/32
Average Low ( C) 9/11 10/12 14/16 18/20 22/24 23/25


Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High ( F) 89/93 89/92 87/91 82/86 75/78 67/71
Average Low ( F) 76/79 75/79 73/77 66/70 58/62 50/54
Average High ( C) 32/34 32/34 31/33 28/30 24/26 20/22
Average Low ( C) 24/26 24/26 23/25 19/21 14/16 10/12

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  1. GZ gets seasonal thunderstorm monsoon in the late afternoon, that usually goes away in 1-2 hours, when it is coming down, it is cats and dogs and chickens and pigs raining down from the sky, big time, there is absolutely nothing you can do if you are on the street, just go back in to do what you were doing before. Occasionally the thunderstorm last to late night, our flights to GZ were diverted or delayed up to 3AM, happens often. The best place to be if you run into a thunderstorm while in airport is in Pullman Hotel in the airport, huge swimming pool, spa and good restaurants. Try to upgrade to executive level with executive lounge access, free internet, etc.. well worth the extra price. Several times we watched the thunderstorm and pouring rain at the airport from Pullman window, all flights were canceled from afternoon to midnight. Be sure to check flight status before checkout hotel.

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