Haizhu Square

Haizhu Square

Haizhu Square

Haizhu Square is a square for plants and traffic close by the Pearl River, ranging from the north of Haizhu Bridge, Taikang Road, to south of Yide Road, west of Qiaoguang Road and east of Yiyuan.
What was once a stronghold of revolutionary fervor (as can be seen from the rifle-thrusting monument in the center of the roundabout) has succumbed entirely to the forces of the free market and is now one of the most colorful markets in Asia, a vast area that stretches from Haizhu Square almost as far down as Shamian Island.
Apart from the usual toys, furnishings, and electronics, this is a great place to find many of those souvenirs found in tourist shops around the rest of the country, but here at wholesale prices. A short walk to the west along Yide Lu brings you to even more markets, with vast areas specializing in stationery, toys, and even dried foods. It is a shame that most people stop off in Guangzhou at the beginning of their trip into China, as this is the ultimate shopping stop and would be much more suitable on the return journey.[Not a valid template]
Main Shop:
Guangzhou OneLink Plaza , Every Chinese know the place by the same name just one block away. This is an 7-8 floor wholesale market where you can find even more – and the best: all air-conditioned! There is also a Kentucky Fried Chicken at that place for those who hang up too long. At be sure there is a lot more to see than at Haizhu and just a few meters away.
There have lot of restaurants and hotels around the haizhu square, like 1920 restaurant, Hongxing Seafood Restaurant, Hotel Canton Landmark, Guangzhou Hotel, Lidu Hotel,
In Haizhu Square, you just need to take 10-15 minutes to the Guangzhou Beijing Lu or Shangxia Jiu Lu ,and the Gaodi street (Household Merchandise Street)
How to go to Haizhu Square ?
Guangzhou Metro: There have one metro station name is Haizhu Square Station, it is a station of Line 2 of the Guangzhou Metro. It is easy for you to get there by metro .

1: You have to bring CASH, no credit card facilities here,. they do not accept US dollars neither
2: While it’s easy to get lost inside, you an always easily find your way out; peer down the aisles and look for the sunlight at the end. You just may not ever find your way back to a vendor you want to revisit.
3: Each section (or set of aisles) is almost like a grocery aisle; two aisles just for cosmetics, several aisles of fake flowers, nicer gift items tend to be furthest from the river (on the Yide Lu side of the market). So don’t stop shopping after a few aisles.

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  1. I am more interested in Cameras accessories, electrical bulbs like LED bulbs, garments, is HaiZhu Square a right place for me?

    • I think you can see around the Haizhu Square, specile LED bulbs , not far from the Haizhu Square, you can google it ,and the Cameras accessories, you can go to the Tianhe Gangding Computer Market or the Haiying Computer Market.

  2. I am looking for acrylic beads …is haizhu square is suitable for me?if it yes..which floor can I find it?
    If it no…where is the best place I can find acrylic beads in Guangzhou?thanks

  3. Hi

    I’m looking for. Market wear I can find jewellery manufacturing tools,do you have any suggestions for me?

  4. Hi there, I am looking for jewelry etc, stampings ( thin metal plate that can be used for jewelry making)
    leaves, roses, coins, cameo etc

    Can I buy these at Haizhu wholesale market?


  5. Hi there,

    I plan to visit Guangdzou in May and want to buy some weddings décoration supplies.I’m a wedding planner. Could you please help me to find the wholesale market like flowers, tall vases, table cloths, chairs, chandelier? Thank you so much for your reply.

    • I tihnk you mean the artificial Flowers, you can see around at the Haizhu square, like Yide Lu, a lot of wholesale market like that. tall vases, table cloths, chairs, chandelier ,I think you can find that at the OneLink Plaza ,at the Third and fourth floors.

      • Saman Nishshanka

        Dear Sir/Madam

        I need to buy Artificial Flower Accessories as Whole sale. Please send me all Flower munufacture or suppliers list. thanks



        • Sorry,I dont have the list of the suppliers ,but you can go to the Guangzhou OneLink Plaza at Yide Lu, a lot of the Artificial Flower Accessories there, you can walk along the Yide Lu, you can see Artificial Flower Accessories as well.

  6. I want to buy Cantonese embridary n crochet work , where I will get these

    • hello there,
      I think you can buy the cantonse embroidary at Chen Clan Academy ,but they are a bit expensive
      you can go to the OneLink Plaza , just at YideLu, you can see around the Yide Lu as well , just get off at Haizhu Square Metro Station.

  7. Hello
    I am looking for a market in GZ which sells female leather jackets , skirts , pants… preferably “copy” stuff. Do you have any seguesstions ? Thank you

  8. hello ,
    i am looking for cheap footwear [ sandal / slippers / shoes ] under 30yuan .
    “copy” stuff ..
    Do you have any seguesstions ? Thank you

  9. Hai im looking for cloth… plus size manufacturers… where should i go?

  10. Hi, am looking for lots of glass vases or glass ware and candle holder for wedding décor, can I find it at Haizhu Square?

  11. Hi am looking for a place where they sell cheap lingerie for plus size woman .where should i go

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