How to save money to make an international phone call in Guangzhou

China is a paradise when it comes to phone cards. You can either buy an international or a local phone card. They come in denominations of 10 Yuan,20 Yuan or 50 Yuan. Most reasonably good hotels do have phones (that will accept these cards) in a corner of the foyer. If, however, you need to make a call while on the go, there should be public phone booths in any big city. The Easyown cards can be purchased from the hotel “shops” which range from smart and chic outlets in 5 star hotels to the ever useful 7 Eleven equivalents in more modest hotels. And once again, if you are on the go, they can be purchased from most newspaper kiosks and of course from the ubiquitous China Mobile outlets.

Easyown--cheap price to internatioal call.

Economical Rate

·Local calls to any city in China with the lowest package RMB 0.19/min . by adding 12593.

·Calls to HK,Singapore, USA ,Korea, Thailand ,Malaysia ,Taiwan,Japan ,Australia , England France German ,Italy in China with lowest RMB 0.39/min .by adding 12593


·Stable network

·24-hour hotline 10086

Tariff plans

(1)     Basic monthly fee: RMB 10/month (including ring-tones, calling number display & free incoming call in Guangdong Province).

(2)     Rate on Voice Calls:

Calls made from Calling a Mainland China number (Alls charges included)Answering Calls
Local area Off-peak:(0:00-11:00)RMB 0.29/ minPeak:(11:00-24:00)RMB0.49/min Free
Roaming in Guangdong province RMB 0.49/min Free
Mainland China (outside Guangdong province) RMB 0.49/min RMB 0.39/min


Special Long Distance Call Discounts

You can use Special Discount Line 12593 in Mainland China to make calls to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and international long-distance calls, and enjoy the follow special discounts:

Calling to Charges All charges included
Hong Kong , Singapore ,USA , Canada, Korea, Thailand , Malaysia RMB 0.39/min
Taiwan, Japan, Australia ,United Kingdom ,France ,Germany ,Italy RMB0.39/min(ordinary number)
Taiwan ,Japan, Australia RMB 0.99/min(Specific number)
United Kingdom ,France Germany ,Italy RMB 1.99/min(Specific number) 
Macau, Vietnam, India, Russia, Kazakhstan ,Sri Lank, Pakistan ,Bengal , Brunei RMB 0.99/min
Philippines, Indonesia ,Spain, Holland ,Switzerland, Belgium Sweden ,Denmark ,Finland ,New Zealand ,Ghana, Algeria ,Israel ,Tanzania ,Colombia RMB 1.99/min
Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia ,Lebanon, Yemen ,Greece, Poland, Ukraine, South Africa, Egypt ,Nigeria ,Brazil ,Panama, Mexico ,Venezuela RMB 2.99/min
Other Countries/regions RMB 7.99/min

Notes: The above 12593 Special Discount includes basic call charges or basic roaming call charges, and charges for calls to Taiwan ,Hong Kong , Macau or international long-distance calls.


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