Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park

Huanghua Gang Commemoration Park

On April 27,1911(March 29, Lunar year Xinhai), Tongmenghui, a revolutionary Organization, led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen launched an uprising to overthrow the federal Qing dynasty to build a new democratic country, but unfortunately the effort failed . Seventy-two martyrs were found and buried here in the Huanghua Hillock. The cemetery was begun in 1912 and finished in 1921. (It was later determined that there were 86 martyrs, including 30 who were overseas Chinese.)
In front of the Huang Hua Gang park gate, there is a stately stele inscribed four Chinese characters “Hao Qi Chang Cun” (the justice lasts forever) written by Sun Yat-sen. Inside the park, there are a number of erect green and verdant pines and cypresses standing in order, representing the undaunted spirits of those martyrs at all time. The tomb of those 72 martyrs quietly stood on the top of the hill, rooting into the land they loved deeply. Behind the tomb, there is a stele for merits and virtues, on the top of which is a statue for Goddess of Liberty, expressing the revolutionary spirits of fighting for the freedom and equality for our motherland. Beside the tomb, there are some vigorous pines planted by Mr. Sun Yat-sen himself.[Not a valid template]
Full of green trees and blooming chrysanthemums, this park is a well-known tourist resort in Guangzhou, famous for its tranquil environment and its buildings of grandeur and sacredness. In 1985, it was elected to be one of the eight new landscapes of Guangzhou, named “Chrysanthemums- A noble spirit”. In July 2002, it was again evaluated as one of the Hot 8 scenic spots of Guangzhou in the new century, named “Holy chrysanthemums in a bright moon”. The park also contains Huanghua Well, Huanghua Pavilion, Silent Pond, Square Pond, Octagonal Pavilion, Huanghua gardens, tennis courts and other scenic spots and activities services.
Bus Route : Travelers can take buses No. 6, 11, 16, 27, 65, 122, 223, 72, and 192 and get off at the Huang Hua Gang bus stop.

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