Lingnan Impression Park

Guangzhou Lingnan Impressive Park

If you have an interest in Guangzhou and its culture beyond food and shopping, you will find this a worthwhile attraction. Despite being out of the way, the subway and a walk/motorbike ride will get you there.
The park resembles an old town, with beautiful traditional buildings, a lake with a shadow puppet pavilion and a main street full of attractions, including an open air opera house. While many of the buildings are for hawking things, the objects they sell usually are tied in with local culture. It is worth exploring any open door since some exhibitions may be located a bit off the main street. There are art, history, food displays and live shows from opera to puppet theatre. Plus some off-beat things to delight you, such as rooms with optical illusions or displays of Chairman Mao memorabilia.
Entering the park for one fee, 45 rmb for adults and 25 for children, allows guests admittance to several shows including a little marionette puppet show, an acrobatic show, and a few others which we missed. A highlight for the kids was a very unusual playground that had such amusements as a small train car on tracks which kids could pull from one end to the other with a rope; large nets to climb across, hanging logs on ropes to walk across, and so forth. Our group of kids could have happily entertained themselves in the playground for the whole day but we parents did make sure that they saw the more educational facets of old time Chinese life.
I would recommend spending half a day there so you can soak it all in. You will definitely be enriched in your understanding of the roots of modern Guangzhou and maybe surprised by its Rich cultural background. You can learn so much about Lingnan culture here in just one day, like the traditional games you used to play and how Cantonese life was in the old times.
The garden really is a special spot to learn about local culture. However, it is a bit difficult to find as there are not many English road signs or information about it.
How to get there:
Exit B, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Centre South gate, Metro line 4 地铁4号线大学城南站B出口
Free buses from the metro exit to the Park are provided on Saturdays and Sundays and on holidays.

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