Litchi Bay

Guangzhou LIchi Bay,Xiguan

Litchi Bay, located in the Pantang region, the west of Liwan district of Guangzhou, is the hinterland of the time-honored Xiguan City. Along the bank of Pearl River, this millennial attraction is the home to celebrities of different dynasties, and a showcase of Linnan Culture, such as Xiguan Resident Community, Miss Xiguan Five Treasures of Xiguan, Xiguan Delicacies, and Cantonese Opera. More than 2000 years ago, Lu Jia, the notable chancellor in western Han dynasty embarked on a diplomatic visit to the state of Yue. When he went by and stopped, he ordered his fellows to plant the litchis and dig up the lotus pond. This is the story about how Litchi Bay got its name. Numerous gardens and courtyards were successively built by royal families, government officials and wealthy merchants of various dynasties, such as “Litchi Garden” of Tang dynasty, “Changhua Garden”, the royal garden of Southern Han Dynasty, and “Haishanxianguan Garden” of Qing Dynasty, all featuring unique landscapes. Hence it has won such fame as “Little Qinhuai” and “Top Resort of Linnan”.

Liwan district carries out overall environmental improvement works in 2009 and 2010 for Asian Games. After the sewage treatment of the Litchi Bay, the stream, and the neighboring buildings and streets restore their former historic features. The intoxicating landscape of “clear stream in the bay and flame-red litchi trees along the banks” is reappeared. The renovated cultural and leisure areas include Liwan Lake and its surrounding area with the center of the Stream of the Litchi Bay and preserved block of Xiguan Community. It covers an area of 58 hectares, among which the first phase with an area of 100,000 sqm has been completed. The major historic sites include: the Liwan Lake, Ren Wei Temple, Wen Pagoda, Mansion of Chen Lian Bo( the first national capitallist), Chen Lian Zhong(Chairman of Guangzhou Merchant Association in 1913), and Jiang Guangnai(Member of the National Committee of CPPCC), Little Painted Boat Studio, Haishanxianguan Garden, (Shisanxing Exhibition Hall of Historical Materials), etc. In addition, various local activities like March 3rd temple fair and Dragon Boat Racing are held. With a strong flavor of history, culture and folk customs, the Litchi Bay is therefore known as Xiguan Culture Exposition in Linnan.

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