Lotus Hill (lianhua shan)

Lotus Hill

Lotus Hill (lianhua shan ) , one of the famous hills in Pearl River Delta (Zhujiang River), is located in the east outskirt of Panyu City, The Mountain is about 45km south east of Guangzhou and 60 sea miles from Hong Kong, it really requires an entire day to get to and from this site Although stone cutting at the Mountain ceased hundreds of years ago and today, the sheer cliff of the mountain face looks almost natural. There are pagodas, temples and other Ming dynasty constructions dotted about the mountain.
Lotus Hill has a gorgeous landscape and surrounded by beautiful lake and is also an inspiring place producing achieving people. It is composed of four attractions: the Lotus Tower scenic spot, the Lotus City scenic spot, the Kwan Yin Fairy Land and the site of stone landscape.
The leading scenic spot of stone landscape is a rare large-scale ancient site of stone quarry in China. The quarry work of each past dynasty dated back to Western Han (206 BC – 24 AD) left Chinese the legacy of countless majestic red sandstone cliffs, perilous peaks, stelae and winding stone forests and grottoes. Visitors shall never miss the Swallow Rock (Yan Zi Yan), Eagle Cliff (Fei Ying Ya), Goddess of Mercy Rock (Guan Yin Yan), and Lion Stone (Shi Zi Shi), as they are the essence of the various stone landscape of this ancient stoneyard. Travelers can find many high and steep cliffs, strange rocks and caves showing the prodigious skills of craftsmen. The whole scenic spot is well-known for the perfect handiwork which is even better than natural wonder, called “relic of stone carving” and a wonder of the only artificial Danxia in China.[Not a valid template]
The best tourist time: The famous Lotus Flower and Peach Blossom Festivals are held in Lotus Hill Tourist Resort. Lotus is the holy flower of Buddhism. From June to August every year, over 100 kinds of lotus flowers are picked out from different parts of Chinese for the large scale festival. And you can appreciate the verdant trees in Lotus Hill and have a lot of fun playing at the water paradise as well as the rare sight of millions of lotuses blooming at the same time at the Lotus Festival .
In Lotus Hill scenic spot, there are some good restaurants where visitors
Admission: RMB 30; RMB 15 for children below 1.5m, RMB 2 to climb the Lotus Tower; RMB 3 to enter the Lotus City
Opening Hours:08:00 to 18:30 daily
1: Take subway line no.4 to Shiji station. Get on bus to Lotus Hill at the entrance of the subway station (RMB 2/single). Walk about 5 minutes after you get off the bus and you will get to the gate of Lotus Hill.
2 : There is a ferry service from Guangzhou at Tianzi Pier (天字码头) at Beijing Lu Nan (北京路南) for ¥25. The boat leaves at 8:15AM and returns at 3:15PM. Admission is ¥30.
3: Take fast buses directing to Lotus Hill from Guangzhou (RMB 10, estimated journey time: 40mins).
4 :Take a ride at Dajitou, Haizhu District of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Coach Station, or Guangzhou Road to Panyu City bridge (RMB 6 to RMB 10), and then transfer to Special Line (RMB 3 to RMB 4).

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