Museums in Guangzhou

Museums in Guanghzou

Centered in the Guangdong Province of southern China is Guangzhou, a bustling capital. A collection of industry and culture, it remains a constant favorite of tourists–with many citing Guangzhou Museums as the perfect complement to any holiday.
Here is about some museums in guangzhou

Guangzhou Museum of Art

Guangzhou Art Museum

Ranked among the country’s grandest attractions, with contemporary lines and glass curves, the Guangzhou Museum of Art features both the new and the ancient. With modern techniques resting beside established methods, it is an experience like no other; showcasing both local artists and artifacts from previous dynasties. It should be noted, though, that the museum is closed on Monday (as is often the tradition), but it can be entered at any other time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. No reservations are needed.

Guangzhou Museum


Guangzhou Museum located in Yuexiu Park, the Guangzhou Museum is located in an ancient watch-out tower called Zhenhai Lou (镇海楼, Tower controlling the sea) or Wuceng Lou (五层楼, Five-storied tower). Built in 1380, this magnificent red building was once the highest point of the ancient city of Canton. In 1929, it was turned into a museum which portrays the history and culture of Guangzhou and has even since been an important cultural relic and landmark for Guangzhou.

Chen Family Temple – Guangdong Folk Art Museum

Dedicated to a prominent family of the past, the Chen Temple stands as a tribute to opulent design and historical explanation. With nine halls–each lined with carvings, sculptures and more–it allows guests to walk leisurely through the origins of Guangzhou. Surrounded by beautifully planned courtyards and elaborate pavilions, it is well worth the crowds you will face to see it. This is a popular destination, so plan a time to see it accordingly.

Western Han Nanyue King Museum
A collection of imposing passageways and stone antiquities, this funeral museum will humble all. Exploring the reign of King Wen of Nanyue (and the city itself), it offers visitors a sprawling tour of history and death. With over 1,000 artifacts found within the tomb (many on display now), it’s not to be missed. No reservations are required.
Guangzhou Museums will astound and delight you while on your vacation.

Guangdong Museum of Art is a museum

Guangdong Museum of Art is a museum of plastic arts planned and constructed with the standard of modern multi-functional museum. As a permanent State culture institutional organization, it is n0n-profit-making, aims to serve the society and its development and opens to the public.


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