Nansha Tianhou Palace

Nansha Tiahou Palace

Nansha Tianhou Palace is on the southeastern slope of the Dajiao Mountain in Guangzhou City and covers about 100 hectares (247.1 acres). It is the largest palace compound of its category in the world. It is reputed as the ‘First Tianhou Palace under Heaven’ and the biggest Mazu Temple in southeastern Asia.
The palace was first built in the Ming Dynasty, then was renovated during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1737-1795) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), but was later ruined. The palace we see now was rebuilt in 1994 and completed in 1996.
In addition, there are seven forts together called Dajiao Mountain Forts in the palace, which have been listed as national priority cultural relic protection sites in 1982. Additionally, the Free Life Pond is also worth a visit, where tourists could set free small creatures. Every year, Nansha Tianhou Palace attracts a lot of visitors by its charming scenic beauty and classical buildings. It definitely deserves a visit on your trip to Guangzhou.
Features of Nansha Tianhou Palace in GuangZhou:
This newly built architectural marvel is a must see on sightseeing tours to Guangzhou.
This spectacular palace houses a wonderful statue of the goddess of the sea. – The statue measures upto 14.5-metres.
The statue of the goddess of the sea is made of 365 pieces of granite symbolizing each day of the year.
The statue is an embodiment of protection of the region throughout the year. Legend has it that the goddess belonged to a fishing background and she arrived during the Song dynasty and died while trying to save others from drowning. – The Palace was built to commemorate this act of valor and courage.
Tourists and locals can visit the Nansha Tianhou Palace in Guangzhou between 8 am and 17:30 pm.
How to go to the Nansha Tianhou Palace ?
A: Take Subway Line 4. Get off at Huangge Station and take bus 360 to the Tianhou Palace; get off at Jiaomen Station and take bus 363 to the scenic spot; get off at Jinzhou Station and then take the bus 361A, 361B to Tianhou Palace.
B: Take the Nansha Special-route Bus at Guangzhou Bus Station or Panyu Bus Station, get off at Nansha Bus Station, and finally take the Nansha Rotary-island Special Line.

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  1. To get to this temple and pagoda from Guangzhou take line 4 all the way to the end to Jinzhou which takes about an hour with all the stops. When the train exits the underground and travels above ground people on the train all show a real interest in their surroundings by collectively oohing. When you arrive there are several options to get tp the temple complex which is over 7km away and unwalkable. i chose the 25yuan ride on the back of a motorcycle option which is the most expeditious and is relatively safe. The bus option takes a long time. Once you arrive at the Nansha Bay gate it is about a 15 minute walk to the temple entrance. The fee is a modest 20yuan. There are plenty of worshipping places at each level as you climb to the top. There are drinks and snacks places as well as toilets at each level as well. From the top you get a wonderful view of the mouth of the Pearl River and surrounding Nansha Bay. The beach is dirty but to be expected considering where the water comes and what goes into it. Didn’t do much in Nansha city itself.

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