Guangzhou Pearl River Cruise

[nggallery id=3]The Pearl River or less commonly, the “Guangdong (a.k.a. Canton) River” (Yue Jiang), is China’s third longest river (2,200 km, after the Yangtze River and the Yellow River), and second largest by volume (after the Yangtze).

The evening cruise on the Pearl River is one of the tourist highlights in Guangzhou. The beauty of the Pearl River at night can be compared with that of Hong Kong’s Victoria Park. The cruise section from the White Goose Pool to Guangzhou Bridge is the highlight of the Pearl River cruise. Scenery along this part is so fascinating, with jade-coloured water, coloured lights on shore. The Pearl River in Guangzhou City is picturesque, adorned by charming views along the river. A cruise along the Pearl River in Guangzhou City has become a must for visitors to Guangzhou. Whether you choose a daytime or an evening cruise, it will be a highlight of your trip.

People can also find historic and artistic buildings in Guangzhou including the Huangpu Military Academy (the first military academy in Chinese history), the Xinghai Concert Hall (which boasts an unusual elegant appearance), the Historic Site in Shamian island (which includes hundreds of buildings in different architectural styles), and Tianzi Dock (which was used for greeting officials hundreds of years ago).

The Pearl River is like a ribbon that connects the historical sites and beautiful scenery along the river and shows people both the modern culture and the historical legacy of Guangzhou City.

Tianzhi Dock 
Guangzhou Tianzhi DockLocated on the bank of the Pearl River south of the booming Beijing Road, Tianzhi Dock came into being during the Yongzheng Reign of the Qing Dynasty (1723-1735), enjoying over 270 overs of history. The dock only served officials at the beginning, and private vessels were forbidden from taking up a berth here, so it was named the Tianzi Dock, meaning the No.1 Dock. Lin Tse-hsu, a high official sent by the emperor to Guangdong to halt the importation of opium, went ashore here. In Apr. 1912, Sun Yat-sen quitted his job as Provisional President in order to reach the target of achieving “Unification of South and North and the Family of all Nationalities.” On Apr 25, 1912, he returned to Guangzhou after passing by Shanghai and Fuzhou, and was warmly welcomed by the people of Guangzhou.
Deluxe archaized yacht —–Nanhai God. Guangzhou Daily Ship 
Naihai God. Guangzhou DaillyNanhai God. Guangzhou Daily Ship is the flagship-class deluxe archaized yacht of the Pearl River Cruise , is the top-class deluxe archaized yacht specially designed and made for meeting Sweden king taking  “Gothenburg” archaized merchant ship to return to visit Guangzhou. The wholes ship is antique beauty , gilt bronze and shiny with colors, each detail is displaying the emperor demeanor, and even is worth to be proud that the Silk Road Museum that the ship unique has that make Nanhai God. Guangzhou Daily Ship displaying dignity demeanor and culture class! Today , Nanhai God. Guangzhou Daily has become the pronoun of the high grade brand of Pearl River Cruise , which not only is the best choice for the tourists home and abroad for Pearl River Cruise , but also is the best choice for government organization, company groups for chartered ship to hold various kinds of celebration, business events!
Main Cruise Lines of Tianzi Dock
Cruise Ship Operating Time Fare (CNY) Service
Naihai God. Guangzhou Daily 18:55 – 20:45 1st floor: 80 Snacks & Tea
2nd floor vip: 138 Snacks, Fruits, & Tea
2rd floor: 108 Fruit & Tea
3rd floor: 138 Snacks, Fruits, & Tea
Naihai God. Guangzhou Daily 20:05 – 21:55 1st floor: 80 Snacks & Tea
2nd floor vip: 138 Snacks, Fruits, & Tea
2rd floor: 108 Fruit & Tea
3rd floor: 138 Snacks, Fruits, & Tea
Xinxi Shibao 18:40 – 20:20 1st floor: 68 Fruits & Coffee
2nd floor: 148 Buffet Meals & Shows
3rd floor: 118 Fruits & Coffee
Xinxi Shibao 20:35 – 21:45 1st floor: 68 Fruits & Coffee
2nd floor: 108 Snacks, Fruits, & Coffee
3rd floor: 118 Fruits & Coffee
China Mobile 19:20 – 20:50 1st floor: 50 Tea
2nd floor: 108 Buffet Diner
3rd floor: 80 Fruits & Coffee
China Mobile 20:10 – 21:40 1st floor: 20 Tea
2nd floor: 68 Fruits & Coffee
3rd floor: 80 Fruits & Coffee
Zhujiang Mingzhu 18:50 – 20:00 1st floor: 48 Tea
2nd floor: 65 Food
Zhujiang Mingzhu 20:15 – 21:25 1st floor: 50 Tea
2nd floor: 70 Snacks & Tea
How to get to the docks of Pearl River? 
1. Tianzi Docks: by bus No.1, 4, 57, 61, 183, 194, 208, 219, 281, 544 or Take Metro Line 2, get off at Haizhu Square Metro Station, Exit A, turn left(eastward ), then walk across road then walk along the bank of the river- it is about 5 minutes walking. (The Tianzhi Dock is at the end of the Beijing Road. At the Beijing Road you can do some shopping after the Pearl River Cruise).2. Xidi Dock: by bus No.31, 38, 181, 186, 202, 217, 219, 227, 251, 236, 239, 288, 281, 527, 538, 541, 556 or 823.

3. Dashatou Dock: by bus No.7, 12, 36, 44, 57, 61, 80, 89, 128, 131, 182, 184, 92, 194, 208, 287, 543, 546 .

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  1. Fascinating cruise along the Zhujiang (Pearl) River. The city showcases its grandeur, lighting up buildings, bridges, and streets in a Disneyland-like performance to the oohs and ahhs of the crowds on the top deck of the cruise boat. A definite must do in Guangzhou.

    The process to acquire tickets is an experience in itself. Go down to the Tianze Pier, there are about a dozen night cruises to select from with varying boat quality and options (food, drink, reserved seating, …), ranging in price from roughly CNY50-100 (booking through third parties will quickly double to triple the cost). Purchasing tickets has gotten easier in recent years with the addition of staff (dressed in white outfits with red sashes, ladies look like beauty contestants) standing outside the ticket windows, but it is still chaotic with the crowds of locals (90%+ of the passengers are locals) who are new to the etiquette of queuing and hoards of various vendors, the most aggressive being free maps distributors, once you take one, like magic, you will end up with a dozen coming from all directions. The ticketing staff do not speak English, which is why the outside costumed staff is helpful speaking various levels of English. Having gone on several cruises over the years, you get what you pay for, thus go with what you are comfortable paying, if the difference between CNY50 and CNY100 doesn’t hurt your pocketbook, go with the later, just having fewer passengers is well worth the incremental cost. Cash only.

    Most head to the top deck with the best views, particularly the bridges and tall buildings which are difficult to view from the lower deck(s), although the lower decks are more peaceful with a/c. There are a few sections with reserved seating, such as a seated area on the top deck. The cruise lasts an hour or so, just about the right duration, not too long and not rushed.

    They also have daytime cruises, but not recommended, the night lights are the main reason to go on the river cruise. If the ticketing process is improved and boat seating is more organized as to minimize the congregation on the top deck, the cruise would warrant a 5 rating.

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