Peasant Movement Institute

Peasant Movement Instiute

Peasant Movement Institute is the original site of Communist training center founded by Mao Tse-tong in the 1920s. Now it is a museum covering the recent China revolutionary history.
The Guangzhou Peasant Movement Institute was set up in a 14th century Confucian temple and now the site on Zhongshan Road commemorates Guangzhou’s revolutionary past.
The national revolutionary movement experienced a vigorous growth after the first cooperation between the Chinese Communist Party and Kuomintang was carried out. In an effort to facilitate the imminent Northern Expedition and to stimulate the nationwide peasant movement, in May 1926, the Sixth Session of the Peasant Movement Institute, headed by Mao Zedong, was held here, where 327 trainees from 20 provinces and regions received education in the theory and methodology of peasant movements, underwent vigorous military training, and took part in important social activities. Upon graduation, they traveled throughout the country to spearhead peasant campaigns against imperialism and feudalism, making significant contributions to the Chinese revolution.
The Peasant Movement Training Institute was opened as a commemorative site in the 50s and the lecture rooms and dormitories of the young revolutionaries have been recreated.[Not a valid template]
Address: 42 Zhongshan Road, Guangzhou (510055)
Exhibition: Display of the restored Peasant Movement Institute, display of historic materials, and display of Confucius and Confucianism, China’s imperial examination culture and academic palaces throughout Guangdong
Scale: Site area – 3,100m2
Opening Hours: 9:00-16:30; closely on Mondays
Admission: RMB 5
Tel: (8620) 83333936
Fax: (8620) 83873066
Transportation: Take Bus No. 1, 22, 76A, 80, 102, 107, 108, 125, 215, 222 and 517 or Metro Line 1 and get off at the Peasant Movement Institute station.

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