Shangxia Jiu Lu

Shangxia Jiu lu

Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street situated in the central area of Liwan (or Xiguan) district, this area consists of Shangjiu Lu, Xiajiu Lu and Dishipu Lu. The street is notable for its unique Lingnan architectural style, Xiguan folk customs, commercial and cultural ambience. Featuring the characteristics of European and Chinese styles.

As one of the three most famous commercial centers in Guangzhou, the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is about 800 in length with 250 shops on both sides. Opened at 30th September 1995, it is the first commercial pedestrian street in Guangzhou city. It is a showcase of traditional Cantonese architecture, especially pretty at night when lit up. All the shops here are Qilou or sotto porticos (a building structure of South-China’s construction style), which make the open market weatherproof. Walking on the Beijing Lu, in the center of Guangzhou City, however, you will find a world not far different from Shangxia Jiu Lu.
Prices here are generally lower than Beijing Lu’s, but prepare to bargain a fair bit. Remember to visit Liwan Plaza (荔湾广场 lì-wān-guǎng-chǎng), located at 9 Dexing Lu (德星路9号), the east end of the street. (Metro 1 Chang Shou Lu – Exits D1, D2.) You will find a good selection of crystal here. Stores carrying fashionable clothes, shoes, jade, crystal, AV items, snacks and so forth can all be found in this 7-story building. Other malls like Dongji (for youngsters), Minghui, Cyber and Qiancai are scattered west of Liwan Plaza.
Here is mainly for medium-and-minus consumption groups. You can find bunches of historically local famous names of commerce, such as Heling”s Shoes & Hats, Guangzhou Department Store for Women and Children, Xingping Tailoring and Hualin Jade and Jewellery Market here, prices are generally lower, and you could prepare to bargain a fair bit. It also has some well-known restaurants, including the Guangzhou Restaurant, the Taotaoju Restaurant, Wenchang Chicken, and Taotao Ginger and Onion Chicken.
You have to haggle prices with the local vendors there because they will always start with a very expensive price. The only places you shouldn’t haggle at are food establishments & foreign owned stores (eg. Baleno & Bossini).
How to go there?
Line 1,  Exit D2 from Changshou Lu subway station and head south until you reach Dishipu Lu on your left (about 10 minutes depending on the pedestrian crowds). Head east along Dishipu Lu until it becomes Xiajiu Lu.
You will see the Sign when you at the Changshou Lu Station (Exit D2) .
Shangxia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street
Chinese Name : 上下九商业步行街
Address: Xiajiu Lu, Liwan District, Guangzhou
Chinese Address: 广州市荔湾区下九路
Tel: (086)020-8110162

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  1. In Guangzhou there are two places for shopping namely Shanxiajiu Road and Beijing Road. Some prefer Beijing Rd but my vote goes for Shanxiajiu Rd. Both are pedestrian shopping streets. Bejing Rd is more upmarket while Shanxiajiu Rd has more variety as well as things are cheaper as compared to Bejing rd. I did buy two pairs of trousers for myslef and they are good buy.
    One can walk from the Haizhu Metro station. Along the way there are lot of shops & stalls selling shoes, food, etc. The girls standing outside the shops can be seen constantly clapping while trying attract customers to their shops. It is watch them bubbling with enthusiasm competeing with each other for attraction. It is joy to watch them.

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