Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral

Sacred Heart Church

The Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral is the Roman Catholic Diocese of Guangzhou, China. Located on the north bank of Pearl River, standing at the heart of the ancient and very busy Haizhu district. Founded in 1863, and completed in 1888, date of the Feast of Sacred Heart which become the name of the Cathedral, the fourteenth year of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, It covers, and area of some 2754.15 square meters, 35m west to east, 78.69m north to south, and rises 58.5m from the bottom to the top of the bell tower.

The Cathedral is a magnificent construction with walls and columns made of granite. It is well known both in the main land China and oversea for its Gothic architectural style and characteristic features of high towers, clusters of huge columns, pointed arches and stained glass windows. It is truly a famous structure of both religious and historic significance, sitting as it does by side of the Pearl River in Guangzhou.
Since the Cathedral is entirely constructed of granite, it is sometimes referred to as “the Stone House” or “Shishi “, it perfectly integrates religious culture and architectural art, and represents a peaceful and beautiful fusion of Chinese and Western culture.

According to the entente between Qing Dynasty and French Government on 2, January 1861, Apostolic Vicar Ze Phirin Guillemin , who is a member of Paris Foreign Mission Society , found location for establishing the Cathedral of Guangzhou . In his decree of Approval Emperor xianfeng wrote: From now on , we must end the war forever, and sincerely keep peace forever .” Hence the Cathedral become and remains a symbol of peace. The ground breasting ceremony of the Cathedral was held on 8, December 1863. At that time, Bishop Guillemin respectively put a piece of stone from the river of Holy Mother’s grave, and a kilogram of soil from Vatican in Rome into the foundation. This is why “JELUSALEM 1863: and “ROMA 1863” are inscribed on the right and left sides respectively of the main entrance to the Cathedral. This implies that the Roman Catholic Church was completely established in Asian, has been continually in Rome.

In keeping with Government’s policy of recognizing the right from Chinese constitution to believe, and practice one’s religion, the “Stone House” has been classified as one of the key historical relies protected by the national Government, and the Cathedral was restored in manner faithful to its original style. The environment of the cathedral both inside and outside is solemn and respectful, and both native and foreign Catholics worship here. The ancient “Shishi Cathedral” one more radiates the promise and vibrancy of its youth, and all are welcome![Not a valid template]

Monday -Saturday 9:45 am Cantonese
Saturday 16:00 pm Korean
Saturday 19:30 pm Mandarin
Sunday 6:30 am Cantonese
Sunday 8:30 am Cantonese
Sunday 10:30 am Mandarin
Sunday 15:30 pm English
Catechumen Study
Friday 19:30-21:30 pm Mandarin
Sunday 09:45-12:00 am Mandarin
Sunday  14:30-16:30 pm Mandarin
Tuesday  14:30-16:30 pm Cantonese
Choir Practice
Friday  19:30-21:00 pm Mandarin
Saturday 15:30-17:30 pm English
Saturday 16:00-17:30 pm Mandarin
Sunday 13:30-16:00 pm Mandarin
Add: No.56 Jiiu Bu Qian, Yi De Lu, Guangzhou
Chinese: 广州市一德路旧部前56号之八
Tel: 020-83392860/83399675      020-39884767/18928825532
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How to get to the Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral
 Take Metro Line 2, get off at Haizhu Square metro station , Exit B2, walk along the Yide Road ,after 10 minutes, you will see the tall building on the left that is Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral. (Guangzhou Metro Map)
Take buses: No. 8, 9, 61, 82, 40, 58, and 194 and get off at Yide Lu (Road) bus station.

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  1. Louis Ojeda and Xiaoyu Zhang

    I will be in Guangzhou from June to September for the birth of our baby. I would like to baptize the baby at the Shishi Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral on Friday, July 18, 2014. Can you send me an e-mail to let me know if this is possible.

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