Southern Sea (Naihai) God Temple

Naihai God Temple

Nanhai God Temple, located at Miaotou Village in the Huangpu District of Guangzhou, is the only temple left from the four ancient Sea God Temples of China. With the history of 1400 years, also known as Boluo Temple .It is of important value in the study of foreign trade in the ancient China as Guangzhou is known as the starting point of the ancient maritime Silk Road. (Guangzhou is the starting point of the marine Silk Route).
One legend goes like that in 520-527 AD one man called Dharsi, a third brother of the eminent monk Dharma accompanied the latter from India to China by the sea silk road. Dharsi came to Nanhai God Temple, and paid homage to Nanhai God. The abbot knew that he was a brother of the eminent monk of India, and had acquired some miraculous feats, entreated him to stay in the Temple to help him manage Nanhai. Well aware of the sincerity of Nanhai God, he stayed there. Faithfully performing his duty, he went to the seaside to observe the coming and going of the ships, the change of weather on the sea. Later he stood petrified on the seashore. People made a statue of him on the left side of the Temple in his memory.
This place also draws attention because it was the initiating point of the maritime Silk Road in the ancient period and etched an important episode in the history of trade and business in the China. History says that Nanhai (South Seas) God Temple, which can be dated back to 1,400 years, earlier hosted offerings and prayers to the Sea God. Spread across 30,000 square meters, the temple attracts the visitors with the Sunbathing Pavilion from where you can have a spectacular view of Guangzhou or the Goat City.
The birthday of god of South Sea also called Nanhai Shen” is celebrated through a traditional temple fair
The present form of the octagon-shaped Sunbathing pavilion was reconstructed in 1953
It has stone inscriptions of Su Shi, a poet of the Song Dynasty and Chen Baisha, a Cantonese scholar of the Ming Dynasty
The temple was completed during the reign of the Sui Dynasty and ceremonies of sacrifices were performed under the supervision of the emperors’ men, the history of which is still engraved in stone tablets.
You will find a jade seal of the Nanhai God, bronze drum and an iron bell.
You can also spot old trees of rare species like ormosia and kapok in Nanhai (South Seas) God Temple in Guangzhou
Cluture Festival
there is a cluture festival called”波罗诞” “bo luo dan” several hundred thousand people come and visit on March every year, it has become the traditional folk festival in Guangzhou. all the people in the town are dancing and dressed up. during this ferstival you will see lots of traditional handmade art. specailly one called” bo luo chinken”, people believe it will bring them luck and happiness.
Address: Miaotou Village, Huangpu District of Guangzhou
Special Occasion: Temple Fair
Getting There:
Bus: No. 210、214、242(Quick Line)、242、292、504、506、560、561、566、568、569、570、571、571A、883、884, Nanhai Shenmiao Station(Nanhai God Temple Station), it takes approximately oneand a half hour by bus from downtown, or half an hour by taxi.

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