The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion

The museum is based on the site of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s former mansion, a nationally protected cultural heritage site. It was originally the Guangzhou Cement Factory (set up in 1907) and later named the Generalissimo’s Mansion when Dr. Sun Yat-sen established governments in 1917 and 1923, respectively.

With a total area of 8,020 square meters, the museum is comprised of two main Western-style buildings (designed by Australian architect Arthur W. Purnell) in the south and north, a square in the west, and a gate tower.

The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion

To defend democracy and the political system of republic, Sun Yat-sen led the Navy southward to uphold the Provisional Constitution in July, 1907. In September of the same year, he was inaugurated the Generalissimo of the Army and the Navy of the Republic of China, fighting against the northern warlords. He chose the Kwangtung cement Factory as his official mansion. In May, 1918, under the influence of the Guangxi warords, Sun’s military government has shifted from generalissimo-dominated to that of seven presidents. Sun quit soon afterwards and the Movement to Uphold the Provisional Constitution failed.

In February, 1923, Sun Yat-sen returned to Guangzhou znd organized the government for the second time and lived in the same Generalissimo’s mansion. During this time, Sun Yat-sen founded the Guangdong University) the predecessor of Sun Yat-sen University) and Hungpu Army Officer Academy (known as Huangpu Military Academy). Later, Sun Yat-sen set up the Northern Expedition Army, squashed the rebellion of merchant groups, reshuffled the Kuomintang and eventually effected the first cooperation between AND THE Communist Party of China, pushing the Capitalist Class DFemocratic Revolution to a new height. On Mar 12, 1925, Sun Yat-sen Passed away in Beijing and in July the same year, the National Government of the Republic of China was founded and Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s mansion accomplished its historical mission.

A series of exhibitions including the replica exhibition of “One Hundred Years of Generalissimo’s Mansion, Sun Yat-sen Establishing Government Three Times in Guangzhou, Celebrities in Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion, etc., are held regularly in the Mansion.

Ticket Price
Open Hour:
9am-5pm, except for Mondays
No. 18, Dongsha Street, Fangzhi Lu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (广州市海珠区纺织路东沙街18号)
How to get to The Memorial Museum of Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen’s Mansion
Buses No. 8, 11, 121, 131, 182 and 248 at the Haiyin Qiao Nan (South Haiyin Bridge, 海印桥南) station; Buses No. 65, 112, 129, 220, 264, 285 and 299 at Jiangwan Qiao Nan (South Jiangwan Bridge, 江湾桥南) station; By boat from Da Yuanshuai Fu (大元帅府码头, Generalissimo Mansion) Dock

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