Things to do in Shamian Island and Shangxiajiu Lu–Worth a visit to the old part of Guangzhou

Guanzhou was built as a trading city in long time ago  and the whole area was warehousing and trading stores to export Chinese products to the new world. The revamped QingPing market area still gives the feeling of the bygone era with bulk bales of everything being traded and packaged for shipping.

There is more than one building, so you should wander through the small streets which still have produce along either side, and then drift into the 3-4 level buildings packed with all kinds of weird stuff as noted in many posts. Ginseng is a big seller and responsible for some of the pungent aromas you will experience.

On the street level you will find antique and trinket shops with some real and some replica pieces, coins, opium pipes, swords, walking sticks, pottery and figurines.

The area takes up a few blocks between Shamian Island and the Holiday Inn hotel. If you go through the underpass under the Holiday Inn, you can wander down into the market area which ends on the large road separating the markets from Shamian Island. After you can head over to Shamian or back to the Holiday Inn which is on one of the 2 old walking streets in old Guangzhou called Dishifu Road. Worth a wander.

Shaman Island is very walkable, quiet and safe and some restaurants and bars at Shamian Island . All the historical sites are in the area of Shamian Island, within short walking distance, or 1-2 metro stops. This is old and original Guangzhou.

Starbucks is Starbucks, but Shamian Starbuck could very well be the nicest in Guangzhou. The arcitecture of the building is quite beautiful. There is spacious seating both inside and outside this Starbucks. Shamian Island is a place to relax … except on the weekends when the crowds of locals come to enjoy the island and the traffic become crowded.

Shangxiajiu lu was the landing area where ships for 2,000 years docked, and where foreign trading houses landed and traded, also where many significant historical events or conflicts happened.

In the middle of Shangxiaju there is Hualian Temple. The oldest Buddhist temple in East Asia, established by Darmo 1400 years ago, the beginning of Buddhism in East Asia. Taotaoju is the oldest Cantonese restaurant, over 100 years.

You can try the desert in Shangxiajiu Lu and eat Double-layer Milk Custard (ShaungPi Nai)  Nanxin Milk & Dessert Restaurant .

Shamian Island

M1:  Changshou Lu Metro Station (Exit D2 to Shangxiajiu Lu Pedestrian Street)
M2: Hualinsi Buddhist Temple Metro Station ( to the Hualian Temple and the Hualin Jade Market)
M3:  Huaangsha Metro Statino
M4: Culture Park Metro Station ( To Shisanhang Clothing Wholesale Market, Electronic Markets located around the Nanfang Building ,Guangzhou Culture Park and Guanghzou Thirteen Hongs Museum (Shisanhang Museum)

A: Hualin Temple (1400 years old temple)
B: Liwan Plaza ( It is a Jade Market)
C: Guangzhou Restaurant (Time-Honored Restaurant in Guangzhou)
D: Guangzhou Nanxin Milk & Dessert Restaurant (Try to eat Double-layer Milk Custard Chinese: ShaungPi Nai and Ginger milk curd )
E: Taotao Ju Restaurant (Closed at the moment)
F: Lianxianlou Restaurant (Time-Honored Restaurant in Guangzhou)
G: Holiday Inn Shifu Guangzhou (One of great hotels and good location in Guangzhou )
H: Qingping Market   (They also have live pets like Aquarium fish, turtles, puppies and kittens along some streets.)
I: Guangzhou Metropolitan Plaza (Food Court and Shopping Mall)
J: Qingping Chinese medicinal herbs market (This is a place with bustling little old alleys behind every old world commercial facade. Step in and have a wander.)
K: Guangdong Victory Hotel
L: Shamian Starbuck
M: Shamian Island
N: Guangzhou White Swan Hotel (5 stars hotel in Guangzhou)
O: J.M. Chef (Cantonese restaurant, started in 1985)
P: Lucy Bar
Q: Lan Kwai Fong Restaurant (Thai Food and Cantonese Food)
R: Orient Express (French Food)

Rd1: Engning Lu ( See Arcade Buildings and Yongqing Fang -Bruce Lee Ancestral Home )
Rd2:Dishifu Lu
Rd3: Shangxiajiu Lu Pedestrian Street (Shopping Street)
Rd4: Datong Lu
R5d: Zhuji Lu
Rd6: Qingping Lu
Rd7: Dishibafu Lu
Rd8: KangWuang Lu
W: To Yiyuan Stationary Wholesale Market

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