Travel in Panyu

Foods and Restaurants
The Panyu district has long been developed in food catering industry. Scattering around the city are about 2500 various restaurants, food counters and food shops serving both Chinese and western cousins. The most favored delicacy in the city is the Cantonese-style food which is famous for its color, flavor, taste and elegance. Other famous cousins from China and foreign countries in their original style are also served in the city. In recent years, the local countryside-style cousins featuring snake courses, bird courses and seafood courses are a feast to many customers.
Panyu has an ancient history with a galaxy of talented scholars and many tourist attractions. Most sites of interests are strongly characteristic of the typical culture in South China, such as the unequally beautiful Lotus Hill, the Hillside Temple of Twilight Shadow- one of the four most famous gardens in Guangdong Province, the Ancient Temple for Farming Education, the Ancient Cannon Relics in the Hengdan islet. Other tourist attractions most frequented by Chinese and foreign vistors include the private-run Fragrant River Safari- the largest one of its kind in China, the Statue of Mother Buddha in the Lotus Hill- the tallest one of its kind in Asia, the Mazu Temple in Nansha- the largest one of its kind in Southeast Asia, the Treasure-Ink Garden in Shawan – the largest Garden-style Architecture in South China with a blend of ancient architecture and the gardening style in South China. Moreover, blooming with luxuriant trees in four seasons, and enjoying a captivating scenery and genial climate, the city has become a tourist paradise and a delightful land near the estuary of the Pearl River. In the year of 2001, the number of tourists visiting the city was 5.94 million, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year, and the total income from tourism was totaled at 3.6 billion Yuan, a noticeable increase of 6.2%.
Amusement and Leisure Activities
The living standard in the city is relatively high, and the leisure activities can cater to all tastes. In the city, there are popular Kara-ok Bars, Discotheques, the Bowling Alleys, and Snooker Cities. Besides, there are also opera houses for elegant art performance and cultural centers as well. Moreover, the Lotus Hill Golf Links and the Nansha Golf Links have attracted many elite enthusiasts there.
The Hotels and Accommodations
There are 25 large- and medium-size deluxe hotels with an accommodation of about 5000 rooms and 9600 beds in the city, they are equivalent to the category of two star hotels. In the past five years, the urban center has been increased by 1.68 million square meters through development, and the total floor space of the commodity house amounts to 21 million square meters. In the near future, the city will inject 600 million Yuan to build new urban area in accordance with the modern city planning and construction standard of the Guangdong Province. Flats of apartments, commodity houses, and garden-style villas of various sorts can fully meet the demands on purchasing and hiring houses by foreign investors. Some residential area, typical of the high-standard and modern residential houses, such as the Riverside Garden, the Clifford Village, the Guangzhou Bigui Garden,the Golden Leaf Villas, the North Kengyu Garden, and the Rine Gardenare are among the best choices by investors both from home and abroad.

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