Cinemas in Guangzhou

cinema in guangzhou

Guangzhou is significant in Chinese history as one of the first cities opening to outside influences. Guangzhou is renowned for ushering in a new surge in the entertainment scenario. Travel weary spirits will find such entertainment spots in Guangzhou without any difficulty. Guangzhou offers a gamut of options to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. You can indulge in health exercises, sports such as golf, tennis and bowling. The dazzling nightlife adds to your soaring spirits. If you want to watch well made and thought provoking movies, Cinemas in Guangzhou in China are an ideal place for you.

Mayflower Cinema City 

Open Hours: 10:00 – 23  

Address: 6/F, Mayflower Business Plaza, No.68, Zhongshan 5 Rd.Guangzhou

Mayflower Cinema City is one of the five-star China Cineplex. The seats in it are different from others, which can transform from single to double for couples.

Feiyang Cinema City 

Open Hours: 10:00-22:0

Address: 4/F, Team Plaza (Exit B and C, Tiyu Xilu station by subway) /7/F Grandview Mall, No. 228, Tianhe Rd.Guangzhou (Exit D, Tianhe sports center by subway)

As one of the five-star theater, Feiyang Cinema City consists of 14 auditoriums, which is the one hold the most in china and can meet most of the movie fans’ requirement, especially the white-collar and couples.

Shi Yi Gong Cinema

Open Hours: 11:00-23:0

Address: No.65, Wenming Rd. Guangzhou

Shi Yi Gong Cinema consists of more than 500 comfortable new seats that with high backrest and teacup frame in the area of 600 quadratmeter. It also has the no obstacle passage, lavatory that set for people with disability, the wide square before and after the show room.

Children’s Cinema
Add:No.249, Hai Zhu Zhong Lu

Dong Hua Cinema
Add:No.288, Dong Hua Xi Lu

Dong Shan Yong Han Cinema
Add:Jun Qu Ying Shi Building, Da Dao Lu

Fang Cun Cinema
Add:No.19, Lu Ju Lu, Fangcun

Galaxy Cinema
Add;Zhong Shan Da Dao Zhong

Guang Ming Cinema
Add:No.293, Nan Hua Zhong Lu

Guangzhou Cinema
Add:No.65, Yan Jiang Xi Lu

Hai Zhu Theater
Add:No.292, Chang Ti Da Ma Lu

Jiang Nan Theater
Add:No.130, Chang Gang Zhong Lu

Jin Sheng Cinema
Add:No.265, En Ning Lu

Nan Fang Cinema
Add:No.265, Jiao Yu Lu

Sha He Cinema
Add:No.37, Sha He Heng Ma Lu

Shi Er Gong
Add:No.640, Tong Fu Dong Lu

Yang Cheng Cinema
Add:No.248, Chang Di Da Ma Lu

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