Current time in china–(Guangzhou Time)

GMT/UTC plus eight hours (all of China is set to Beijing time). For a less complicated way, use New York time as an example. In the middle of the summer, New York will be exactly 12 hours behind China. If it is 8 am Monday morning in Guangzhou then it is 8 pm Sunday night in New York and 60 minutes is just ending. When clocks are set back, it becomes 13 hours behind East Coast time.

The standard time in different cities of the world is as follows:

City Time City Time
Accra 4:00AM Addis Ababa 7:00AM
Algiers 5:00AM Amsterdam 5:00AM
Ankara 6:00AM Baghdad 7:00AM
Bangkok 11:00AM Beijing 12:00PM
Belgrade 5:00AM Bombay 9:00AM
Bucharest 6:00AM Buenos Aires 0:00AM*
Cairo 6:00AM Delhi 9:30AM
Frankfurt 5:00AM Geneva 5:00AM
Karachi 9:00AM Lima 11:00PM*
London 4:00AM Manila 12:00PM
Moscow 7:00AM Melbourne 2:00PM
Montreal 11:00PM* New York 11:00PM*
Nairobi 7:00AM Osaka 1:00PM
Paris 5:00AM Pyongyang 1:00PM
Rangoon 10:30AM Rome 5:00AM
San Francisco 8:00PM* Singapore 11:30AM
Tehran 7:30AM Tokyo 1:00PM
Vancouver 8:00PM* Vienna 5:00AM
Washington, D.C. 11:00PM* Zurich 5:00AM

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