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Guangzhou laundry,tian tian laundry at guangzhou metro station

Few lower end hotels and hostels have coin-operated self-service laundry room. Self-service laundromats are not available on the streets, although dry clean and laundry stores are available to clean your clothes. Normally you can drop your clothes off and pick them up the next day. One laundry chain is TianTian Laundry (天天洗衣), which is conveniently located in all Guangzhou Metro stations. There are many stores on Shamian Island that have laundry service. An average load of laundry costs about ¥100. In other parts of the city, there are laundry/dry clean shops sprinkled throughout neighborhoods. An average load should cost no more than ¥40 (couple pair of bottoms, one or two skirts/shorts, 6 or so tops). If you are doing sheets and blankets, they should charge no more than ¥10 for a blanket, ¥30 for a quilt. Dry-cleaning a sweater is about ¥8.

Tian Tian:
“Honesty, pragmatism, unity, innovation” is our principle。 It has always been operating with the times. We believe that only being loyal to customers could win customers’ loyalty. We will as always provide customers with comprehensive, convenient, high quality, efficient laundry service and daily household products!

Guangzhou Tiantian Launday Service,Ltd(Dongfengzhong Branch)(天天洗衣东风中路店)
No.4, Yuehua Road, Guangzhou, 广州市越秀区越华路4号,
Yuexiu District Tel
Totally reliable!

Guangzhou Tiantian Launday Service,Ltd(Liwan Branch)(天天洗衣荔湾店)
No.198, Liwan Road, Guangzhou, 广州市荔湾路198号,
Yuexiu District
Tel 020-84356299
The laundry you can really trust.

Guangzhou Tiantian Launday Service,Ltd(Donghu Branch)(天天洗衣东湖店)
A03, G/F, No.62-66, Donghu Road, Guangzhou,
广州市东湖路62-66号首层A03档, Yuexiu District
Tel 020-83794606

Guangzhou Tiantian Launday Service,Ltd(Jiefang Road Branch)(天天洗衣解放路店)
a9, No.288, Jiefangzhong Road, Guangzhou,
广州市越秀区解放中路288号a9铺, Yuexiu District
Tel 020-34269263
Your personal laundry man!

Guangzhou Tiantian Launday Service,Ltd(Binjiangdong Road Branch)(天天洗衣滨江东路店)
A04, No.720-728, Bingjiangdong Road, Guangzhou,
广州市滨江东路720-728号A04, Haizhu District
Tel 020-61254780
We also provide curtain cleaning and dry cleaning with dismantling and installation.

Guangzhou Tiantian Launday Service,Ltd(Tiyuxi Branch)(天天洗衣体育西店)
In the Metro Station of Tiyuxi Road, Guangzhou,
广州市天河区体育西路地铁站内, Tianhe District
Tel 020-38600512

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  1. Does Tian Tian do clothing alterations?

  2. Do you provide pick and drop laundry at the Garden Hotel?

  3. Just thought I’d let you know, TianTian Laundry has horrible customer service. We visited the one of the Guangzhou TianTian laundry locations today and the lady told us it would take three or four days to wash our clothes. Add that to the fact that she wanted almost as much money as the Marriott offered for washing the clothes, we elected to simply use our hotel service. I’m not quite sure TianTian stays in business.

  4. Do you have a branch at xingangdong?





    • Hello there

      I am not sure whether have a branch at Xingangdong metro station ,but I am sure have branch at Chigang Metro station and Kecun Metro station , only 2 stops from Xinggangdong to Chigang Metro Station, in Guangzhou ,most of the metro station have Tiantian Laundry . 

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