Travel agencies in Guangzhou

If you are a foreign traveler who does not know much about China and wants to learn more about Guangzhou or other cities in Guangdong Province and other cities in China. you can choose a local travel agency or find a guide in Guangzhou. They will be a big help to you.

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In Jiaoju Lu which close to the Beijing Lu Pedestrian Shopping Street, there are many travel agencies, like the Guang Zhilv International Travel Agency ,and Nanhu International Travel .You can findsome useful travel itineraries here like 1-day Conghua Hot Spring t, 1-day Seven Stars Crags ,or 1-day Kaiping Diaolou trips.

How to go to the Jiaoyu Lu,
You just need to take the Metro Line 1 or Line 2 ,get off at the Gongyuanqian Metro Station ,Exit D ,and will see the travel agencies on the both side of Jiaoyu Lu (Road).

Guangzhou Metro Map

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  1. I have booked for a travel agency for June and I have paid all the expenses but now there is no contact between me and that agent .How can I be sure that I am not con again.

  2. I will be very grateful if you can recommend one a agency who will show me around

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