visa for transiting passengers in Guangzhou Airport

Guangzhou Airport Customs, the Guangzhou Baiyun Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Office, and the Guangzhou Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Promotion of the Construction of the Baiyun Airport”.
More than 30 innovative services will be available at the Baiyun Airport, including 24-hour passenger clearance service, Credible Enterprises system, simplified customs procedures, and application of the “multi-point declaration” policy in the country’s main import & export areas.
The Baiyun Airport will provide 24-hour passenger clearance service as soon as possible. Previously, passengers had to wait for clearance when they arrived late due to flight delays, Now the passengers can go through clearance procedures at any time.
Most notable was the visa-free transit policy, which stipulated that no visa will be required for transiting passengers who stay at a Chinese city for less than 24 hours.
In addition to the 24-hour operation system, simplified customs and clearance procedures, the “creditable enterprises system” and the “multi-point declaration” policy will also  be implemented for cargo transport.

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